The 9 Most Important Factors in Building eCommerce Websites in WordPress

Designing an eCommerce website can be complicated. There are lots of things to consider, from site performance to user engagement. It’s one thing to design a simple website, but designing an eCommerce site comes with its own challenges. Wondering about the guidelines? Consider this article to know more on designing ideas of an eCommerce website. Same Designs [...]

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Mobile Devices Emerge as a Force to Be Reckoned With in E-Commerce Sales

Lately, mobile devices seem to be the hottest thing in consumer-oriented technology. From the humble tablet evolving to an elaborate laptop alternative for many professionals that need work done on the go, to iPhones consolidating their place not only as powerful machines but also as a cultural statement, mobile devices have risen among other options [...]

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How to Spot a High-Value E-commerce Site from Where You Can Buy Hidden Voice Recorders?

Thanks to the e-commerce and technological boom, you effectively can shop online for anything you want. Besides clothes, groceries, electronic devices and more, you now can also buy hidden spying devices like a covert listening product from a single source from the comforts of any place freely. These websites have been designed in such a [...]

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5 Secrets to Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment

The number of customers per day won’t tell you that you have a precise problem. The number of sales a day won’t say much about your business either. However, the number of shopping cart abandonment won’t cease telling you about your business system day in and day out. The fact is the prospective customers are [...]

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Considerations for Setting Up Your Own Online Store

I often have run into this with clients on occasion as I don't have a lot of experience with ecommerce platforms and instead work to make Wordpress leverage ecommerce solutions via plugins or extensions as my experience is specifically with Wordpress. So when a business wants to set up its own online store, there are [...]

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