Culling Email Contact Lists in Brevo to Save Money

Running an email mailing list is an expense that nearly all internet stores and brands have to deal with and even with the extremely affordable rates of brevo compared to some email mailing list providers you still end up paying a lot per year, especially if you use a dedicated IP address and all the fancy features you can get with an email platform online.  One of the biggest ways to save money and prevent … Read more

Don’t Make These Common Email Mistakes

Avoid these common mistakes and you’ll start seeing the email metrics you’re looking for. Image courtesy of Pexels. When done right, email can be a powerful tool that provides you with impressive engagement and a high return on investment. On the other hand, if you’re not taking the time to improve your emails, they can also become a disappointment. If you’re seeing poor results or from your email marketing month after month, it might be … Read more

Email Delivery Services Seem To Do The Task Very Well

Have you ever wondered what happens when you press send while mailing the message? So, if you are sending it through your Gmail App, it directly gets routed through email service’s Simple Mail Transfer Protocol service to your recipient’s SMTP mail service. Millions of people use mail for their official purpose, but how it works remains ignored. So if you are thinking about how these emails get sends, it’s with the help of transactional Email … Read more

Three Bad Things That Can Happen If You Don’t Clean Your Email List

If you have an email list, you want people to receive your promotions and newsletters. Email hygiene is crucial in this equation. This article will explore the three bad things that can happen if you don’t clean your email list. You’ll get a bad sender reputation Internet service providers (ISPs) assign a score to anyone who sends emails, and this goes for both personal email addresses and organizations. The score determines what emails go into … Read more

6 Digital Marketing Trends Your Business Can’t Ignore

As we enter what can convincingly be described as the digital era, businesses will thrive or die according to how effectively they embrace their digital marketing. The days of email newsletters and hashtag campaigns are long gone, with even the smallest local businesses embracing the cutting edge of marketing technology to engage with their target audiences in fresh and personalized ways. If you’re wondering what the competition is really up to, here are the top … Read more

How to Get More Email Subscribers for Your WordPress Blog

Most of your site traffic is comprised of hit and run visitors. That’s OK for your overall traffic, but if you’re looking for conversion and increase in sales, hit and run visits are not going to help you. The only way you can grow your sales and get more targeted visitors to your site is by collecting subscribers. This is a proven to work strategy, as it ensures that all your subscribers are interested in … Read more

Overview of SendPulse for Online Marketing and Email Campaigns

Sendpulse offers integrated marketing and email platform to its users. Using artificial intelligence system and personalization capability, the software is set to revolutionize the customer service function of any business, enabling secure communication across different platforms. They include Email, Web push, bulk SMS and SMTP among others. SendPulse increases your engagement metrics between users, for example through the use of click-through rates, time on site, page views and conversations. Features of SendPulse Email Marketing- Undoubtedly, … Read more