Your Guide to Cleaning Up your Inbox in One Hour

The last thing you ever want to see is thousands of emails piling up in your inbox and you don’t know where to start! So many emails are too overwhelming for you to respond and you don’t have the slightest clue on what to do. It is mainly because of mismanagement from your part. If you have been well calculative from the very beginning, you shouldn’t have to worry about the situation you are currently … Read more

Tips and Tricks for Outlook 2016

Outlook is one of the most popular email providers out there. There are billions of users who use Outlook for their personal and business requirements. And in case, if you are too a frequent Outlook user, then I can assume that you are always facing issues with email management. If this is the case with you, then I am going to share some of the Tips and Tricks for Outlook 2016 with you. This way, … Read more

5 Best Ways to Authenticate Correct Email Addresses

Emails are being sent every day and have almost entirely replaced traditional letters. With such a great number of digital messages, the notion of spam emails emerged causing not only a nuisance for the receivers by being not relevant, but also threat in the form of viruses and malware. In order to prevent this from happening to you, make use of these five ways to authenticate correct email addresses. Source: Unsplash Email Authentication Process Email … Read more

Extracting Outlook Data With Special Multi-Functional Tool

In the modern age of digital technologies, people often stumble on the need to work with Outlook data in different extensions. Whether you have to archive it or transfer, you have to understand what Outlook data is and how to manage it. There is a wide range of activities which may be performed with the help of the data extraction tools, including migration and conversion of email, its archiving, as well as recovery of a … Read more

7 Ways to Help Prevent Email Spam

If you have an email address, the chances are it has been bombarded with spam and junk mail at some point in its lifetime. In fact, according to recent statistics, around 70% of 2013’s email flow was of the junk mail nature! Not only is this irritating but it can also be time consuming, unproductive and jeopardize the security of your personal details. The best way to counteract the issue is to prevent email spam … Read more

How to Bold Unread Messages in Postbox

I have switched from Thunderbird to Postbox as my email client recently as I wanted to see if it was more stable and crashed less often than Thunderbird. I use an email desktop client primarily because I run multiple separate Gmail accounts some are business app emails like my one and some are my personal accounts.  The problem is the web based gmail has issues switching back and forth occasionally still but I like … Read more