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Top 5 Gaming Laptops in 2018

2018-06-26T10:08:33-07:00April 10th, 2018|Categories: Technology|Tags: , |

Today picking a gaming laptop isn’t as easy as it was five years ago when it meant of back-breaking because of its cost & weight. Till now there are many changes are done with a gaming laptop like its weight, processor, system memory, graphics, screen size etc. and the main thing which is upgraded all [...]

2017 Gaming Laptop Buying Guide: Top Models & Specs

2017-10-30T12:06:01-07:00October 22nd, 2017|Categories: Technology|Tags: , , |

Over the weekend, we talked about how cryptocurrency is entering the gaming industry, and now I want to talk about another gaming industry relative newcomer: gaming laptops. Generally speaking, laptops have not been known as a competitive force in the gaming world. They have a reputation for being both more expensive than their desktop foes, [...]

How to Choose the Best Gaming Laptop

2017-07-29T09:38:43-07:00July 29th, 2017|Categories: Introduction, Technology|Tags: , , , , |

My very first laptop had windows 3.1 on it, had a black and white screen, and was lucky to be capable of playing solitaire. In those days, that was an amazing accomplishment. A friend of mine even managed to find a “Portable” computer that weighed in at 50 lbs., and had a 4-inch screen, while [...]

MSI GT73VR TITAN PRO VR Gaming Laptop Showcase

2016-11-14T15:10:58-08:00November 17th, 2016|Categories: blogging, Consumerism, Entertainment, Gaming, Geeky, give, holiday, laptops, reviews, Technology|Tags: , , , |

  Have you ever wanted a powerful device for all of your gaming needs but didn't want to be tied down to a bulky personal computer that has to stick to whatever desk you have to set it on? Well, look no further. The MSI GT73VR Titan Pro VR Gaming Laptop is here and it's [...]