E3 Recap #8 – Titanfall A Multiplayer Game Full Of Mecha

In 2010 Infinity Ward’s co-founders, Vince Zampella and Jason West were fired by Activision for misconduct. Later that year the duo returned to the industry with a new studio call Respawn Entertainment. Their first game is Titanfall which is a first-person multiplayer shooter with players either being ground running pilots or mechs. The game was hinted in E3 2011 as a game that was futuristic multiplayer. E3 2013 showed off a wealth of new information … Read more

Defiance – The MMO That Has A TV Series

What Is Defiance? Defiance is a game that released on the 2nd of April by a company called Trion Worlds. The game has an open world environment where various aliens prowl. You can do what you want in this open world whether it be doing quests or killing monsters. The game allows players to create characters who are all unique with a big customization choices at players finger tips. The weapons you find can be … Read more

Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 – The Future Is Grim

  This week the long wait for the highly anticipated game Black Ops 2 is over. The game was developed by Treyarch who were famously known for Black Ops. The game has been out less than one week and has already smashed the award for fastest sold video game selling eight million copies in 24 hours. It introduces advanced futuristic warfare as the player delves into a warfare which spans from the 1980’s to 2020 and Treyarch have promised … Read more

PC Game Review: Expendables 2 Take Charge of the Elite

When the Expendables 2 movie was announced, the fans of the genre opened a Champaign bottle or hoped for a better movie than the original. This is the kind of film that you either love or hate, but the game is slightly different and frankly that’s not all for the better. At least a part of those who enjoyed it on the big screen left chanting and waiting for a sequel, but PS3 aficionados will … Read more

A Different Middle East Awaits in Spec Ops: The Line

When we play first person shooters involving Middle East skirmishes we are expecting familiar sites such as Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran. In Spec Ops: The Line, action takes us to the crown of the UAE, the splendid city of Dubai which is unfortunately in turmoil. All its glory was stripped away and what we find is an all-out war against military factions, insurgents and covert ops. The landscape is changed and as players will soon … Read more

Inversion Challenges You to Defy the Laws of Physics

It is hard to get excited about the release of a new third-person shooter, but one with an intriguing premise such as Inversion has a decent chance of raising awareness. Among otherwise mundane ideas such as an alien invasion and a personal vendetta or a rescue mission, Inversion brings something new to the table. It promises a truly unique gaming experience, by empowering players to manipulate the laws of physics and repel the invasion in … Read more

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Urges You to Win by Any Means Necessary

The action in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier unfolds in the near future, even though the skeptics feared that due to several delays, it would take place in a not so distant past. This game spent a lot of time in the making and it almost looked like the release date will be pushed so far that the enthusiasm will die out, but fortunately it was not the case. What we are presented with is a … Read more

Shift Into Top Gear in Tribes: Ascend

Free to play games are acting as a magnet for those who like diversity and wouldn’t invest a lot into a title that they will eventually get bored of. Tribes: Ascend is one of the few free ones that will get players so immersed into the action that they will seriously consider spending real money on alternate classes, better weapons or grenades. It is as fair as it gets, since you get the chance to … Read more