Featuring the Retro Looking Amazfit Neo Smart Watch on Sale

Though at first glance it may not look like a smart watch thanks to it’s single color black on grey display and style, the Amazfit Neo Smart Watch is no slouch when it comes to features combined with simplicity and is a smart watch for scuba divers even in that it can support up to 50m depth.  Make no mistake, the Neo Smart Watch is a full fitness tracking smart watch with heart rate tracking, … Read more

5 Things To Consider Before Buying An Alarm Wrist Watch

A vibrating alarm wrist watch, also referred to as an alarm watch only, is usually used by people who have impaired hearing or have to wake up early, without disturbing their partner. These watches are not confined till the aim of waking you up; they come with different features will allow you to be productive too. Some brands come with alarm wrist watches which help you with your fitness goals as well. Thus, these watches … Read more

V07 Smart Band with Blood Pressure Monitor Review

I asked our friends over at TomTop if they had a spare fitness band they could send me to review since the previous one that I had cracked after dropping it near a pool, water finally made it’s way into my old smartwatch and destroyed it so I needed a new fitness band.  I like fitness bands that are simple and used for tracking steps, heart rate and when they told me about the V07 … Read more

Hottech Smart Watch Review

So I got my hands on one of these smart watches that have been trending a lot these past few years. Today I will be reviewing the HOTTECH BlueTooth Smart Watch. HOTTECH is a tech company based in India. It has different varieties of products which include Smart watches/bands, headphones, speakers, keyboards, power banks, selfie sticks, neck bands, and laptop coolers.  You can also see related posts about smartwatches if you want to look at … Read more

Z80 3G Smart Watch Phone Sale over at Gearbest

For those of you wanting a smartwatch that can support a SIM card and also function as a phone so you can send and receive calls without having to lug your phone around with you, consider the Z80 3G Smart Watch Phone which is on sale now over at Gearbest and the first 80 units were only $49.99 with the next 100 units going up to $61.99. The Z80 3G Smart Watch is a bit … Read more

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Smart Band Review

So when I received a pair of smart wristbands, I found that the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S had some features I really liked and was lacking one key feature I really wanted.  To get started, let me tell you about the Mi Band 1S from Xiaomi first. The Mi Band 1S is a oval smartwatch with 3 little circles on it (no idea what they are for) but the watch itself is touch sensitive to … Read more

VeryFit 2.0 Smartband Review also Known as the ID107 Smart Watch

This is a review of the VeryFit 2.0 Smartband which is also sold as the ID107 Smart Watch over at Gearbest, but comes branded as the VeryFit 2.0. Here is some video showing the VeryFit 2.0 wrist flick, and confirming it is indeed water resistant and showing that the wrist flick works even when running under a heavy flow of sink water directly on the smartband. The Veryfit 2.0 Smartband includes a heart rate monitor (has … Read more

The Honor Zero: The Smartest Fitness Tool To Date?

    While the Honor Zero does fall within the category of smartwatches, it seems to be more of a blend of a smart watch and a fitness band. It’s not that it’s a bit of both; rather, it seems to be half way between the two. It’s got all of your basic fitness features, while smartphone synchronization and a few other features leave it a cut above the rest. Let’s take a closer look. … Read more

inTroducing the inWatch Z Smart Watch

Good day folks, and welcome back to Dragonblogger.com! Today, I present you with a special little surprise. This device – again – comes from the fine folks over at Gearbest.com, but unlike my recent presentations, isn’t a phablet. It’s time to get your 007 on, because we’re diving into the wonderful new world of Smart Watches! I give you… the Android OS-based inWatch Z! Right off the bat, this tiny little monster just comes out with … Read more

Moto 360: The New Boss in Wearable Tech

Wearable tech these days is the new trend which every company wants to jump in, and here it is, the Moto 360, a smart watch by Motorola: A Google company. The Moto 360 was officially reveled by Motorola on March 18th, and would run a fresh flavor of Android OS ‘Android wear’ which was recently announced by Google, and is especially designed for wearable devices. The looks are really polished and slick, yet bold at the same … Read more