How to Pick the Right Soundbar

Are you suffering from substandard subpar sound quality? Are your factory TV speakers less than impressive? Well then it’s time for an upgrade! With the right soundbar, you can enjoy virtual surround sound and a ton of other perks such as thundering bass, wireless streaming and more! But how do you go about choosing the [...]

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Key Elements Of Good Quality PC Speakers

Different underlying factors would explain why one set of personal computer (PC) speakers is different or even better than another. Since the reproduction of sound is both an art and a science, understanding what makes speakers great is a task that requires your time and determination. Don’t be intimidated by the technicalities of it all. By [...]

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How to Make Bluetooth Speakers & Computer Speakers Play Simultaneously

Sometimes, you may want to play music simultaneously on your computer speakers and external Bluetooth speakers. There’s either someone in the other room who wants to hear the music better or you are throwing a party and want the music to blast everywhere. However, it’s a drag most of the time. Often when you connect [...]

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All You Need To Know About Studio Monitor Speakers

Monitor speakers are usually expected to provide the most accurate and uncolored sound. They are a high-quality speakers designed purposely for audio recording. Whether you are recording and mixing a big or small project, monitor speakers are essential so as to get the best audio quality. Nonetheless, knowing the quality of your monitors will take [...]

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Edifier R1280T Bookshelf Speaker Review – Simply Great Speakers

The Edifier R1280t Bookshelf Speakers significantly surpassed what I expected of them. For $100 you get truly great sound quality, build, and design. I mean, really good. Let's go ahead and talk about what makes these speakers so good anyways! Check out our unboxing and test first!   So, now the written review [...]

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Why Floor-Standing Speakers are Better than Headphones

Fans of headphones are fond of touting the benefits of an expensive pair of headphones over the experience of full speakers. Many people believe that headphones are superior to equivalently priced speakers entirely, and certainly with regard to any solitary experience. There are several points on which fans of headphones like to focus. Focus and [...]

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Review of the Dragon Touch i10x 2-in-1 laptop/tablet from Tablet Express

Everywhere you look there is a tablet or a laptop and of course the inevitable phone but the problem is sometimes you need all 3 for productivity sake. Phones and Tablet screens are too small to get real work done, to add to the sizing issues the virtual keyboard takes up half of that real [...]