Google Scans Email For More Than Better Adds

  Recently Google was in the news for informing a Texas police department just outside of Houston, TX that a user had child pornography in his Gmail account.  Now it is known Google scans your email in an effort to serve targeted ads to its Gmail users.  For those you love Gmail this is a trade off for what they believe is a great email service they can use for free.  Free email, free storage, free … Read more

Review of the Etekcity Roverbeats T12 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Etekcity’s Rover Beats line has a bit of an upgrade form the T3 I reviewed a while back.  It is larger, more powerful and has a larger speakers to boom your tunes around the room. Specs: This offers stylish design, portability, and exceptional audio quality (enhanced bass) with the convenience of wireless Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity; Features 2-channel stereo It supports NFC (Near Field Communication) which can help you enjoy the convenience over different portable devices; Allowing … Read more

Facebook Going Virtual Reality with Oculus Rift

The beginning of Spring not only brought the hope of longer days and greener lawns through the purchase of Oculus Rift by Facebook for $2 billion dollars.  That $2 billion being paid in $400 million is cash and $1.6 billion in Facebook stock.   Not too far after massive purchase of the messaging app Whatsapp for $16 billion dollars. Oculus is a virtual reality technology that has been crowd funded to this point on Kickstarter.  They … Read more

Car Tech Today: More Distraction Dangers Ahead

Car Tech Today Once upon a time we thought of car tech being the mechanics in the vehicle.  The motor under the hood, the suspension, and maybe even outside to the tires the care is riding on.  How much horse power and foot pounds of torque, how big is the motor supplying the power, and how fast can it go.  Much of that is still true but tech is taking on more meaning. Current in … Read more

Tyrant Unleashed- Arcade & Action by Kongregate

Utilizing multiple commands of varying strengths you are in the battle for the battle of Ashrock.   You begin with your begging Deck, the list of cards that represent your army.  Each card has a specific function or ability to be applied during your battles.  Some are very offensive, some are defensing, and some are combinations.  Each battle will take the right deck setup and energy to even enter the battle, run out of energy … Read more