Win a Gift for Your Father

Right now through June 9th, you can enter to win a number of prizes for your father on Father’s Day thanks to this awesome giveaway by Bestek. All you have to do is go to the link provided below and follow the very simple rules to enter. All of these prizes are perfect for your father and include a Bestek Electric Blender, a 300w Power Inverter and a $5 Bestek gift card to spend on … Read more

Bestek 1 Cent Sale and Power Strip Giveaway

Bestek is running a huge marketing campaign right now where you can get a bunch of their products for only 1 penny plus shipping in exchange for doing a Facebook share, they are doing this to help spread the word out about their online store and incentivizing shoppers to join up and subscribe.  The first thing to note is the 8 outlet power strip/station giveaway.  This is a $42.99 retail value power station that not … Read more

Enter to win a Bestek Electric Scooter and Amazon Gift Cards

Bestek brings another fantastic giveaway to fans of electronics and this time you get a chance to win one of their Electric Scooter / Hoverboards. My son has been wanting one of these for the past year, and I even entered hoping I get to be one of the lucky 10 people who win one of these self balancing hoverboards. The other 10 winners will get an Amazon gift card worth $10 each.    This … Read more

BESTEK Holiday Giveaway with a $200 Amazon Gift Card Grand Prize

We’ve partnered with BESTEK for multiple giveaways in the past, and if you’re in the market for a vacuum cleaner this is definitely one you don’t want to miss. Instead of other giveaways where they’re based on random winners, this giveaway is based on how many points you can accumulate. That means if you’re willing to put in a little effort, you increase your chances of winning. How to Enter First, you login with either … Read more

BESTEK Flexible Gooseneck LED Desk Lamp Overview

When it comes to desk lamps, it’s important to find ones that are not only stylish but also provide enough light for the things we need to get done. The gooseneck LED lamp from BESTEK is a great option, especially since it has 8 different light settings (4 color temps and 4 brightness levels) to accommodate any setting. Take a look and see if this is the exact lamp you’ve been looking for.   BESTEK … Read more

Featuring the BESTEK Gooseneck Phone Holder w/Car Mount

Having spent a lot of my time in life traveling and more so driving my car to a lot of different places. Using the GPS on my phone has been something that I can always rely on. However, when you are using your cell phone as your GPS, you don’t get a car mount with your phone, something that I have never really understood. The BESTEK Gooseneck Phone Holder serves as a car mount. Something … Read more

Bestek has a Buy it for One Cent Sale

Bestek has sent us products to review before and generally each product has received a solid rating, so when they contacted us about wanting to get more attention to their online store and that they were running a .01 cent sale for many of their products I thought it a good deal to share with our readers.    There were 15 items on the Bestek 1 cent sale total so I suggest you check out … Read more

Enter to Win a Bestek Smart Plug for Home Automation

Start your home automation journey or expand it with the Bestek Smart Plug, this little device plugs into an A/C Wall outlet port and gives you a smart outlet that you can control remotely with a mobile app (Bestek Mobile App) or by using a Voice Assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant.  Even better, you can configure custom rules with so that you can automate rules if you want on when the outlet should … Read more

BESTEK 8-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip Review

You wouldn’t believe how many power strips I have in my house, when I last counted it was 4 for every room of my house except my kitchen.  I have used various power strips over the years and lately the most valuable ones are not only power strips with A/C power outlets but ones that also include USB charging ports so you can combine the best features of a power strip with a USB charger. … Read more

Bestek Bluetooth Speaker

I have now tested several different Bluetooth Speakers, and thought that they were all about the same. I was wrong. Some are far better than others, and Bestek is certainly amongst the best. When I first tried this speaker, I did not expect it to sound nearly as good as it does nor did I expect it to be so full of so many useful features. But the makers of this fine product thought of … Read more