What Is React.Js And Why Is It So Popular?

React.js is amongst the most favorite technologies in the present time. Although for a detailed description one does require an in-depth knowledge of JavaScript and HTML. But one should first learn about some of the basics on React, especially if you are a beginner. React: What is it? The development team of Facebook had made React in the year 2013. This can be considered as a library of JavaScript. React helps in making the user … Read more

What Are the Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2020?

Are you looking for a career change? According to experts in the field, here are the best programming languages to learn in 2020. Keyword(s): best programming languages to learn Anchor Text: about c# excel The median salary for computer programmers in 2018 was $84,280. Even the lowest-paid programmers still made around $64,000. Computer programming is a lucrative career. It offers an appealing job market and the opportunity for growth in most companies. If you’re looking … Read more

Why C++ Is The Suitable Option For Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are the in thing at the moment due to the rise in the use of smartphones. The apps are the ultimate feature of these mobile phones, and they add a touch of functionality to them. Among the mobile software you can come across in a smartphone include financial apps, messaging and social media apps, and also games, among many others. The vast the collection of these software, the more prestigious the handheld device … Read more

What To Consider In Choosing The Right Programming Language For Your Game Development

It’s safe to say that most millennials grew up playing video games, and lots even dreamt about the day they could create and develop their own games. One of the most crippling choices, when one is getting interested in this field of work, would be the language that should be used. While most people think of C++ as the right answer to this equation, the right decision actually should be merely based on the game … Read more

How to Figure Out Which Stack is Best for Web Development with 7 Best Stack Examples.

Software Stack “Stacks” are a bundle of software that compromise your sites back end. It involves everything from the operating system to and web servers to APIs and programming frameworks. The reason they are bundled is because each component provides a layer for their compatibility and it’s easier to download and deploy all at once. In easy words, a stack platform is a collection of software melded into a unified whole to perform a specific … Read more

Studying Java – Everything to Know to Become a Java Guru

It’s not that hard to write Java code; this programming language gives the developer a lot of freedom. No surprise that today, many projects are written on Java. This programming language allows you to develop interactive sites with animated images, and provides a high level of security. If you are interested in becoming a Java programmer and do not know what to start with, keep reading. In this post, we will highlight the most important … Read more

Why You Should Develop Your Next Isometric Game in C++

In terms of video games, the term ‘Isometric’ is used as an umbrella term to represent games that are generally viewed from an angle, either straight above or in a tilted view to provide a 3D looking view to the viewers in a 2D game. This is quite popular among game developers as they can showcase 3D and projection looking models in 2D development. To put it elementally, Isometric graphics are also understood as parallel … Read more

How to Design Your Own Android games

Image source In 2016, Android users spent over 900 Billion hours browsing through Android applications on their devices. With over 3 million applications and 100,000 application publishers, there is no shortage of applications for the users. In 2016, 90% of Google’s app revenues came from games, making it the X-factor for Google Play Store. Developing countries such as India, Brazil have shown huge download numbers, whereas developed nations such as Japan, United States, and Germany … Read more

Visual Basic Programming Tutorial Series

Hello everyone I’ve started a new series where I will teach you how to program with Visual Basic. This video series will hopefully help new programmers of people looking to touch up on their skills, the first videos shows you how to display the word hello on a label by clicking a button on our form. Check out the playlist here or watch the first video below! Colby MortI’ve been interested in gaming and computing … Read more

The Trials And Tribulations Of Programming – Lesson 1

Over the past few months, I have been learning Visual Basic, C# and Unity. Like many teenagers the task at hand was rather daunting, all these different numerical and grammatical terms but eventually it came like second nature however before we start I will fill you in on some back story. I am currently doing my A-Levels, for those who do not live in Britain or do not know what A-Level is, it is the … Read more