Top 5 Wireless Ax Routers In 2020

This year 2020, has two beautiful rings in its name, but it proved a nightmare for all of us. No one has ever imagined that in this year, the coronavirus (COVID 19) will come, and it will not only take many lives but also change the operational aspects of the individuals drastically.  In these COVID times, as the whole world will change its shift from offline to online mode, many workers will do their work … Read more

The Best Wireless Routers for 2020

Only the best routers provide secure links, especially wireless ones, which are critical to your needs. Compared to anything your ISP can provide, these routers can considerably improve the overall efficiency. And, if you operate work from home or trust your business, it is a great way to upgrade your home networks, or if you have family-worth devices that require a secure network without spots. The best wireless routers frequently have certain important features, such … Read more

Top 5 WiFi Routers For Satellite Internet

While satellite internet is not the fastest choice out on the market, it provides a great service for those who need it, especially those who cannot access fiber or other forms of internet connectivity. To make your service even better, you should make sure that you are using the best WiFi router for satellite internet possible. We asked the team at BlueGadgetTooth for a list of the top 5 satellite routers on the market and this … Read more

802.11 AX Standard and 5 Best AX Wireless Routers

As Wi-Fi technology strives to keep up with demand, it can be expected that new devices will appear to handle that demand. That is where we got 802.11 AX. As this new router technology becomes more prevalent, it was important to confer with to find out which are the best 802.11AX wireless routers on the market. 802.11 AX is made specifically for high-density environments, such as concerts, trains, and even airports. It works by … Read more

5 Best Routers Compatible With Frontier Fiber (FiOS) Service

If you are a Frontier FiOS subscriber and in the market for a router, you will need to be sure without a doubt that you are looking at the best routers compatible with Frontier FiOS. We have looked at the best wireless routers that you can get and this is what we found. Netgear Nighthawk AX6000 The Netgear Nighthawk AX6000 is the sort of router that you get when you need a lot of power. … Read more

5 Top Routers Compatible With All Major ISPs

When it comes to your home network, you do not want to mess around with your router, trying to tinker with it to make it the fastest and most reliable. It is far better to get the best router to begin with and save yourself the trouble. But what are the best routers on the market and which ones will work with the major ISPs? We asked the team at for their suggestions on … Read more

Top 7 Gaming Routers for All Types of Gamers

Gaming experience undoubtedly depends on the infrastructure that you have for gaming. Amongst all, gaming router may be sometimes the neglected one. You may wonder what a gaming router has to do with gaming experience. Don’t ask us now that when you have a great internet connection, a super 64-GB fast RAM and a stylish set up of gaming zone, why on the earth would you need a gaming router. You should have a best … Read more

10 Key Points to Look at When Choosing a Wireless Router for Your Home Office in 2018

The internet brought with it endless possibilities in the way people live, communicate and work. Good internet connection has become a necessity for many first world countries. It has enabled people to work from the comfort of their homes. People are continuously setting up offices in their homes. A home office requires good internet connection too. Having a good wireless router is a crucial part of ensuring you have a fast, uninterrupted internet connection at … Read more

Top Wi-Fi Routers for High Performance

A router is now a commonplace device for many offices as well as in modern homes. In increasingly connected world, this piece of computer equipment serves as the backbone or hub of your Internet connectivity. Simply put, it’s a device that allows you to make use of a single Internet connection or service and share it with the devices that you tend to use. The connection can be shared using a wired network or a … Read more