How to Embed HD YouTube Video in WordPress

Now that has a very large post width area I was embedding larger YouTube video sizes into the Wordpress posts but found that the embedded YouTube videos were too low resolution and required the viewer to manually click on the gear icon and switch the resolution to 720p or 1080p to get the best [...]

Protect Your WordPress Blog from Being Framed

After reading about @ileane having her blog iframed by other blogs which can lead to not only your content being read and used on another site, but your Google banner ads displayed on another site and a violation of AdSense ToS which does not allow AdSense ads to be displayed via an iFrame.  This could [...]

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How to Change Default Username and Login Logo in WordPress

In my previous article about Security Tips for WordPress, I specified that changing the default username (admin) is really necessary for security reasons. As you know, your default Wordpress username once chosen, cannot be changed from the Dashboard by default without a plugin.  But we could easily change it from phpMyAdmin which is the interface [...]

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