5 Ways of Optimizing Your WordPress Database by Using Remote DBA Experts

A database is a digital warehouse which stores all your data. It is in essence an organized collection of schemas, tables, queries, reports, views and other objects and the beauty of databases is that they are designed to model aspects of reality as closely as possible. They are designed in such a manner that they make it seamless to process plenty of information which is actionable and which can be a key driver in making … Read more

What Makes WordPress the Order of the Day in SEO Services?

What began as blogging software in 2003 has now emerged as one of the most preferred content management systems. WordPress is often considered the numero uno in web development, and is used by the professionals at the SEO Company.  But why is it so popular? It goes on record that there are some WordPress websites that have taken just 20 minutes to earn a place among the top three slots in Google search rankings. Ever … Read more

Bulk Export WordPress Posts to Word DCOX Format with Aspose Doc Exporter

I was in the process of decommissioning several of my smaller blogs lately, but one blog in particular which is my poetry blog has important posts and original poems that I have created over the years and didn’t want to lose.  I needed a way to export and save these off, but didn’t want them in your ugly XML export type format to import into Word format which would make my poetry more readable and … Read more

WordPress Plugin: AddToAny Compatible with Google AMP

Recently I ran into a problem when setting up my WordPress sites for Google AMP support in that the share plugin I was using which puts social share buttons on all my posts and pages was rendering poorly in AMP pages.  The share buttons were bloated because they didn’t use the proper code to constrain button sizes when viewed via AMP and the plugin overall had to be removed.  So I did some searching and … Read more

Photo Gallery – The Most Versatile WordPress Gallery Plugin

WordPress Photo Gallery is an advanced and powerful WordPress gallery plugin enabling you to add, edit, and organize images in different views. It’s feature-rich, with lots of image display  and customization options. Core Features Responsive SEO-friendly User-friendly Fully customizable Photo Gallery plugin is responsive, which ensures that all of your image collections and galleries will be perfectly displayed on all-sized screens.It’s a perfect choice for the photography websites, but will also be a great addition … Read more

New WordPress Gallery Theme You Should Know About

Images and other visuals are still a great way to keep up with the prevailing  tendencies in web design. With this in mind I decided to write a short review about WordPress Portfolio Gallery theme. It is a new and advanced WordPress theme, which enables you to display images and create portfolios on your website in an attractive way. The theme is a perfect match for photography websites, traveling and food blogs, which provide a … Read more

Bring Instagram Feeds to Your Website with Instagram Feed WD

Instagram was launched as an iOS-only app back in 2010 and now it is among the leading social networks in the world. It beated Twitter in 2015 with over 400 million daily active users and more than 40 million shared photos every day and became the largest photo sharing platform worldwide. Instagram has become a truly global community having as members people from all around the world sharing the passion for photo blogging. As Instagram … Read more

5 Reasons You Should Install Event Calendar WD on Your WP Website

Raising awareness about different events within online communities and networks has recently become very popular. They can be used for just any kind of events, from simple meetings to a big conferences, concerts, exhibitions, etc.The increasing popularity of online events also affects the demand for event managing tools and plugins. Event organizing and managing plugins vary in terms of their features, price, capabilities and enhancement opportunities. Let me introduce to you Event Calendar WD plugin, … Read more

Dragon Blogger Back Up and Stable?

The past two weeks have been tough for DragonBlogger.com as the site had been dealing with  intermittent 502 errors and problems that cut visitors by 40% and left many unable to join giveaways and admins unable to login to write any new articles or do any editing.  I hadn’t had a single problem in 10 months of being on Synthesis web hosting and all of a sudden I had these 502 error issues rampant over … Read more

ThemeFuse WordPress Theme Giveaway

The talented team over at ThemeFuse wants to share something really special with you. Are you ready for this? They are getting ready to give away not one, but three premium WordPress themes to our readers! Have you wanted a new, premium theme for your WordPress site or blog? Well, ThemeFuse can give you just that, whether you’re building an eCommerce site, a fashion blog, or anything in-between. Best of all, if you’re one of … Read more

WordPress Plugin WPNewsman to Manager Your Mailing Lists

I have bounced between several mailing management systems over the years starting off with Mailchimp, then testing out Simplycast, I have seen though never officially signed up for Aweber I am fully aware of it’s capability and I know a lot of bloggers trying to save costs will implement a mailing list solution that can leverage Amazon SES smtp service which charges a mere .10 cents per thousand mailings. Well, Glock Software makes a WordPress … Read more

Formidable Pro Create Blog Posts from Form Submissions

One of the most awesome features of Formidable Pro and there are so many great features that this is the WordPress form plugin that I purchased and use on all of my sites is that you can turn form submissions into blog posts and fully customize or tailor them. Why turn a form submission into a blog post? Well thing of the following reasons, you may want someone to submit a guest post and you … Read more

Posterous Closing Down Migrate to Bluehost Now

If you are using Posterous you surely must realize that Posterous is shutting down on April 30th 2013 which is only just a few short weeks away.  The good news is you don’t have to lose your Posterous blog, Bluehost created a WordPress plugin that will allow you to export your Posterous blog and import it into your Bluehost WordPress blog. Step 1: Backup Posterous Log into Posterous Click Backup Click Request Backup Enter the … Read more