If your machine still has an optical drive, or maybe you have an external optical drive, EVGA includes a Drivers CD.  This disc not only includes drivers but a few other software applications.  We will go over them here.

  • Drivers
    • Audio
      • Realtek Audio 8 Channel Audio Driver –
      • Creative Sound Core 3D –
    • Chipset
      • Intel Chipset Device Software
    • Framework
      • dotNet 4.5 Framework
    • Graphics
      • Intel Graphics Driver –
    • Intel Rapid Storage
      • Intel Rapid Storage Technology –
    • LAN
      • Intel Network Connections Software – 21.1
      • KillerSuite –
    • ME
      • Intel Management Engine Components –
    • RAID
      • 32/64bit F6 drivers –
    • SATA
      • Marvell Magni Drivers –
    • Thunderbolt
      • Thunderbolt –
    • 1
      • Asmedia USB Host Controller Driver –

There are aspects of the drivers that will not work on this board since it is a general disc made for the Z270 Stinger, FTW K and Classified K boards.  Most of the drivers will work for all the boards but for example the Creative Sound Core 3D drivers will only work on the Z270 Classified K board since the FTW K and Stinger have Realtek audio.

Prior to reviewing this board, I was using the EVGA Classified X99 board which had Creative Audio.  Between this Z270 FTW K and the X99 Classified board I can tell you first hand, the Creative Audio makes such a huge difference, it sounds so much better.

Aside from the Drivers, the disc includes the motherboard manual and wall papers for the Z270 FTW K and the Z270 Classified.

This was the wallpaper for example, for the FTW K comes in the following resolutions 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×960 and 1920×960.

For the Z270 Classified, its comes in 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×960 and 1920×960 resolutions as well.

After everything is installed, we need to perform some benchmarks at base settings so that we can see how well our overclocks work afterwords.


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