Featuring the BESTEK Gooseneck Phone Holder w/Car Mount

Having spent a lot of my time in life traveling and more so driving my car to a lot of different places. Using the GPS on my phone has been something that I can always rely on. However, when you are using your cell phone as your GPS, you don’t get a car mount with your phone, something that I have never really understood. The BESTEK Gooseneck Phone Holder serves as a car mount. Something … Read more

Would You Use a GPS Location Device to Track Your Child?

Every day, the world becomes a little bit different. Unfortunately, it’s almost seems as if we have gotten desensitized to the crime, violence, and abuse that is all around us. That being said, crime as we experience it today has existed throughout human history but it feels as though it is going up in severity and becoming more common. Every parents will have gone through scenarios in which a child is taken away by a … Read more

GPS Enabled Games and Fit Watches Are Not Secure

You see several articles per year in the news about how fitbands or GPS enabled watches have potentially compromised military bases, secret deployment operations and even possibly hidden datacenters or employees at an organization.  Just read the latest Wall Street Post article and you will read about how the Global Heat Map, published by Strava which is a GPS tracking company, used information from a satellite to map locations and movements of users to the company’s fitness … Read more

ZUS Smart USB Car Charger and Car Finder

How many times have you watched someone walk from row to row up and down, and back again, in a busy parking lot, looking for their car? How many times has it been you? I remember a time when I was a computer instructor. I traveled all over the country, and each and every week, I was in a new car. I never knew where we parked because I never knew what color the car … Read more

TomTom GPS Re-purposing into Media Player

One of the fun things about electronics is that sometimes they can be used in ways not thought of by the designer, like the old Commodore 64 which many years later was used as a server. Another would be using a VCR to record a computer program in a series of black and white flashes and using it in place of a dataset recorder. (Another C-64 thing). But who would have ever thought that that … Read more

Tablet Express Dragon Touch M10X 10.1in Review

Tablet Express releases yet another tablet, it’s not a big deal right,… well, it might be.  Today’s review is on the Tablet Express Dragon Touch M10X tablet.  It is a 10 in tablet, but it’s not Tablet Express’ regular tablet. Let’s start off with the specs. Specifications 10.1in IPS 1366×768 HD Display MediaTek’s MTK MT8127 Quad Core processor running at 1.3Ghz on all 4 cores Mali-450 MP Quad Core GPU 1Gig DDR3 RAM 16Gig NAND … Read more

Dragon Touch M8 Android Tablet Review

Tablets come in all shapes and sizes, and price ranges. Some offer a lot in a small package, and some seem to have forgotten the use of technology. There are many things that can make a tablet great, and it does not take much to make a tablet terrible. The Dragon Touch M8 is a decent tablet at a great price. The first thing that I noticed were all of the extras; Mini-HDMI, USB Host … Read more

Showcasing the THL 4000 and it’s Glossy KitKat Goodness

WOO-WOO! All aboard the train to trip the light phabtastic! Hahaha, how are all of you great folks doing today? Me, well I’m doing alright, but blessed is a better adjective, however. Anyway, though you’ve already read the title, let’s get away from the formals here and get to the real story. Today I present to you, from those wonderful folks over at Gearbest.com, one of the latest in affordable phablet technology… the THL 4000! … Read more