Instagram – new phishing attack bait

Instagram is one of the major social media channels out there. On an everyday basis, you will come across a variety of developments. However, you also need to beware of the potential hazards on this social media channel. Recently, the active users on this social media channels are being targeted by a new phishing campaign. It lures the users to give their credentials. Fake copyright infringement alerts are being used which creates a sense of … Read more

How to Download Facebook Videos Using Getfvid?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media mediums which are accessed over a million of people across the globe getting easier connectivity. The best thing about it is that you will get entertained with the music, videos, gif, memes and even the notification of your closed ones here and there. The Facebook Videos are one of the things you must be trying to download in various ways. There is no simple option to … Read more

Choosing the Right Magento 2 Agency for Your Full Page Cache

If you own an eCommerce store or you are planning to start one soon, you must have noticed that Magento is one of the most common and preferred eCommerce solutions. A lot of successful eCommerce owners have already incorporated Magento 2 by connecting to a relevant Magento Agency and have come forward with a lot of benefits of integrating the solution. Magento 2 comes with a range of features that come with distinct advantages and … Read more

Want to Create Your Own Blog? Follow These Proven Steps to Get Started

Whether you want to start a blog to share your thoughts or use it for business purposes, creating a blog is a great way to show your presence online. Depending on what your blog is about, you can give tips, vent, review certain places or talk about experiences. But first, here are the steps you need to get started: Check hosting websites Before you start, it’s always best to check out hosting websites to get … Read more

How to Add Emoji’s to Discord Channel Names

So lately I have been doing a lot more with discord being part of 16 Discord groups and I noticed some groups had emoji’s in their Discord channel names, and I could not figure out how to set emoji’s for my own Discord Channel names.  Well there are multiple ways to accomplish this and I will point out the easiest first. Easiest Way to Add Emoji To Discord Channel Names In Mobile Discord App you … Read more

Amazing Ways to Prepare Your Site for Peaks in Traffic

  Source: You’ve probably heard about the Oprah Effect or the Shark Tank Effect. This refers to otherwise small businesses that experience a surge in customers because of the wide positive publicity their product received when it was featured on these influential platforms. In the age of the Internet, this surge won’t just be about a crowd of new customers visiting a brick and mortar store. There’ll also be a massive spike in traffic … Read more

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Step By Step Guide For Developing Influential Content Marketing

Content is like the audience magnet of your website. It has the power to attract a consumer towards your site, keep him/her engaged, and even influence the person to opt for your services. However, there is an abundance of marketers who are already using for their businesses. Every trick that you can think is already a part of someone’s website. Even if you come up with something innovative, it cannot guarantee your success. Therefore, you … Read more

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The Easiest and Most Effective Ways to Advertise Online

Do you remember the days when advertising was all about billboards, radio jingles and short TV ads between programmes? No? Me neither, but once they were all that existed. Advertising was once about using all of the mediums that were available at the time, and one of the best ways was to strategically place billboards where they could be seen by the general public. Now, although we’ve come a long way in a not so … Read more

Cyber security: 5 ways to boost yours at home

As we all know, cyber security is something of a hot topic at the moment. On the most part, this is because of several high-profile cases that have surrounded big companies. There is also the point about the industry as a whole. After all, the term was almost unheard of several years ago, but we’ve now reached a stage where some investment companies have been established to specifically invest in cyber security brands. Unfortunately, it’s … Read more

Planning Your Website Redesign Budget in 7 Steps

Are you aware that the “process of creating” a website is in fact never-ending? We don’t want to scare you, but once you have a website you should be aware that it will need changes from time to time. That’s the reason why having a developer always by your side is a must if you’re after creating something professional that will bring you an online income. One of the most important things that will either … Read more

From Blog To Business: How To Run A Successful Sideline

Blogging started out as a hobby for many people, but it’s fast become a lucrative business idea. Companies use blogs to promote and sell products and services, but it’s also possible to turn a blog into a business and to utilize the ever-growing popularity of the Internet to generate an income. If you enjoy writing, and you want to engage with online users and set up a successful sideline, here’s a handy guide. Picture credit … Read more

Gaming Technology: Why Live Streaming Is Here to Stay

You do not have to be a gamer to enjoy a game. Sitting back and watching someone else play is almost as fun. Actual players might argue that treating games like movies misses the point, but those complaints flounder somewhat, considering the publicity and financial perks this concept has collected in recent years – some of it going to those very players. According to HyperX’s brief history lesson on live streaming, it was around 2010 that the first … Read more

Get More for your Personal Blog Network with Archivarix

As a website owner, having an archive of your website can be pretty important, especially if you want to possibly revert to a previous version of your website without having to rebuild it all over again. The cost of having someone recreate your site back to a previous version can get pretty expensive if you choose to have someone do it for you, but also can be rather time-consuming as well if you choose to … Read more

Buying a Domain Name? How to Avoid Regret By Choosing the Right Domain Name

Every previous online business owner will tell you that the most difficult part of buying a domain name or even starting an online identity is finding the one you prefer that is available. If you’ve already managed to come up with a domain name idea that other people haven’t already taken, check out these considerations on how and where to buy it. Assess the domain you want to buy Search for trademarks to avoid possible … Read more

Key Information About Infinite Scrolling in Websites: What to Know

With Google’s constant updates on its algorithm, and experts coming up with new search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and digital marketing ideas, it is no wonder that website owners are confused about which update they need to do first, and if these said updates are necessary. The same thing is happening with infinite scrolling on websites, wherein most people are divided as to its necessity and usefulness. Some of the best reviewed builders of websites … Read more

How to Find Original sources of an Images

It is not easy to use creativity and come up with something. Some professions use creativity and out of the box thinking as the core components. Photography is one of these professions. Clicking images is not like filling an online form. It is not something which you can do by following a standard set of procedures. To start with, clicking photographs is something that requires creativity and a lot of hard work. This is the … Read more

Even Product Review Websites Need SEO Optimization

I have been running for a long time now as this site first went live in 2008 nearly 11 years ago.  I have spent years going through various SEO articles, WordPress tips, plugin, building backlinks and then leveraging one backlink analysis tool after another to make sure my links were being spread out across the web on related sites which led to my site having an increasing PageRank until it kind of flatlined after … Read more

Improve Your Coding with These Tips

  (via: While programming is far from new, learning to code is still one of the most important job skills of the future. It can help you build apps for devices, harness the true power of certain technologies and even help you create and build your own games. Everyone can learn to be a good programmer, but it won’t happen automatically. It can be a very long process of hard work and trial and … Read more

What Makes The Dark Web Dangerous?

If you’ve been using the internet for quite a while, chances are that you’ve heard about the phrase Deep Web, or perhaps the Dark Web, both of which are sometimes used interchangeably even though they happen to have different things. For starters, the deep web is simply the larger part of the internet (about 99%) that is not accessible by conventional browsers like Yahoo, Google, or Bing. On the other hand, the dark web is … Read more

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3 Web Design Tools to Rock in 2019

In most of the work front, the more time you spend in your activity, the more set in your ways become. In any case, for web designers, evolution and innovation is the key. As customers request more significant and better sites and applications that work over an undeniably unpredictable ecosystems gadgets, from VR to voice, working with new tech and strategies isn’t an alternative; it’s a need. Fortunately, there are many web design tools to … Read more