How Technology Can Make Your Life Easier

We are all somewhat aware of how much technology has affected many of our daily tasks and activities. Technology automates and simplifies a lot of processes and is generally meant to make a lot of things easier for us on the daily. However, not everyone is completely aware of all the advantages, that comes with technology and how they can make more use of these advantages in their everyday life. If this applies to you, … Read more

4 Types of Apps that are Helping Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

There is no denying that we have all been made aware of the sheer threat the world is under from Covid-19. It took many countries by surprise and as the virus has spread, a lot of countries have had to look at ways that they can track the infection as well as help to reduce the rate of people getting the virus and becoming sick. Thankfully, technology has been one of the main focuses to … Read more

How Much Does the Internet Literally Cost?

Competition, infrastructure, connection speed. How the cost of the Internet varies and depends on it in different countries of the world – study British consulting company BDRC Continental together with ISP released a study on the cost of broadband Internet in different countries. The researchers analyzed the cost of broadband connectivity in more than 200 countries worldwide. Only tariffs for individual users (households), not including additional services (such as television), were selected for the … Read more

How To Have Fun Online?

The internet has drastically revolutionized the way we lead our daily lives. The Internet’s evolution has managed to trigger huge enhancement in the modern man’s abilities to receive and share information with his near and dear ones across the world. We can get all sorts of information and recent updates with the click of a button. Other than receiving and sharing information, it also allows people to stay in touch with their friends through different … Read more

Evil Corp: The Billion-dollar Cybercrime Syndicate You Never Knew About

The Sicilian Mafia. The Scarpa Crew. Young Boys, Inc. The Sinaloa Cartel. Organized crime groups tend to have names describing their original location or important members; they rarely choose names that describe what they are doing, so as not to attract the wrong kind of attention. The same can’t be said for Evil Corp. Their on-the-nose name serves almost as a mission statement, explaining exactly what the group’s members are striving to achieve in the … Read more

Don’t need your streaming service? How to cancel your Netflix streaming account?

Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the world that provides on-demand movies and shows to users. Available almost in every country, Netflix has made its name globally and one of the key reasons for it is the personalized recommendations it offers to the users.  Watch a few episodes and Netflix will start recommending similar shows and movies to you. While Netflix offers 30 days of a free trial, some people feel that Netflix … Read more

Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation

In marketing, the term “lead generation” refers to the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into services or products of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as sales leads, list building, or newsletter acquisition. It’s the process of building awareness with your target audience members through clever content and enticing them with offers they’ll want to sign up for. It sounds pretty simple, but there are certain nuances you’ll need to be … Read more

How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Website

Websites should not be a hassle to navigate around. If a user struggles with your website and finds the interface confusing to them, they will quickly close your website and go elsewhere. An efficient website is the difference between a successful business, and a failing business. If you do not take the time to make sure your website works properly, you will find that your business will struggle. With so many other companies and websites … Read more

Everything You Need to Consider When Choosing a Broadband for Gaming

Global access to the internet has changed a lot within a short time, and gaming has not been left behind. Nowadays, a majority of kids and adults are now playing games with virtual friends from far away places. The high demand for internet gaming means that people are currently looking for specific home broadband packages that will make their gaming time fun and enjoyable. Everybody who plays internet games can attest to the fact that … Read more

Why Even Twitch Streamers Should Host Their Own Website

Introduced in the year 2011, Twitch has turned into the biggest forum for gamers to connect and show off their talents. Thousands of gamers are using this live-streaming video platform to participate in different eSports competitions and share their live gaming experiences. If you too have a passion for video games and want to become a streamer, Twitch is an ideal platform for you. However, if you want to earn some money and recognition out … Read more

How to Achieve a Screaming Fast Website

The internet is used more than ever for just about any imaginable business transaction. Having a slow-loading website that times out often is frustrating for the customer and can potentially do irreparable damage to your brand. Fortunately, the tools used to build websites have evolved, and there are many optimization practices and procedures that can ensure your website loads fast and give an enjoyable experience to the end-user. Read on to know more about how … Read more

Bad Bots: What Do They Actually Do Online?

Since the 2016 presidential elections in America, most people are aware of the existence of malicious bots on the internet. Hackers, shoppers, corporations and even governments use bots every day. Many bots have perfectly legitimate uses, but the prevalence of malicious bots has increased noticeably in recent years. For example, the limited-edition sneaker market is massively distorted by the presence of bots, as is the live music ticket industry. Usually, proxy networks are a huge … Read more

How to Make an Avatar in 3 Simple Steps

How cool would it be to design your own avatar to show off with your fellow gamer friends? There are great tools out there to help you create your own avatar design even if you are no experienced designer. Let’s read on to learn how to make an avatar in 3 simple steps! Using pre-made templates allows you to create your own stunning designs by customizing your chosen template with all the options you have. … Read more

The Benefits of Producing Content in the Cloud

There has been quite a bit of discussion around the cloud, offering a plethora of advantages to businesses in the IT industry. However, there is still little talk about its impact on the content and media production industry. However, the IP network and the cloud as well bring concrete benefits to production companies, which can even lead to the activation of other technologies such as artificial intelligence for example. Companies across the globe are now … Read more

How to Block Inappropriate Content on Google

The Internet is a resourceful platform with loads of useful information. In fact, most are times when Google searches provide so many results that you get overwhelmed. Despite that, you probably want to help your kids expand their knowledge through the Internet. But there’s one problem. The Internet is full of harmful content no parent wants their kids to access. But how do you protect your kids from all the harm on the Internet? Google … Read more

As a Streamer How Do You Deal with Toxic Behavior?

One thing that is commonly discussed and dealt with in the world of online streaming is toxic behavior from viewers who join your live stream.  Even some of my own staff have seen an occasional troll popup in our chat from time to time to give the live streamer a hard time, or simply lay down insults and offensive content.  I am not talking about the “get good boomer” jokes or genuine stuff that is … Read more

Basic E-commerce Guide For New Online Entrepreneurs

Over the years, online businesses continue to evolve as it makes it easier for people, especially new entrepreneurs, to set up an e-commerce business. In fact, e-commerce nowadays is mostly preferred by a lot of people compared to traditional commerce. Traditional commerce refers to having a physical store. To make that physical store profitable, people must go and visit your store and buy whatever you are selling. However, due to accessibility issues, traditional commerce is … Read more

How to Improve Engagement With Facebook Insights

How users interact with each post that you have on your Facebook account is what we call engagement. The amount of engagement that your users have on your Facebook page can be determined by looking into the number of interactions that are taking place on the platform. This is when Facebook Insight will prove to be very helpful. It is through this feature that page owners can figure out whether their marketing strategies implemented on … Read more

Three Technical Changes to Speed Up Your Business Website in 2020

Loading speed has long been seen as one of the most important things for any online business to improve on, whether you’re Microsoft or a Mom and Pop store in small-town Pennsylvania. A couple of years ago, CNBC reported that most online shoppers won’t wait any more than 5 seconds for a page to load. This figure has fallen year-on-year as sites up their game and consumer expectations grow. One thing that seems certain is … Read more