Is Playing Online Multiplayer Mobile Games on PC Worth It?

Multiplayer games have evolved to become one of the most played genres in the video games industry. Although the genre has been around since the invention of video games. Multiplayer games, for the most part, rose from the non-networked two-player games like Tennis for Two in the past to the single-system gaming we use today. One of the biggest factors that led to the surge of online multiplayer game popularity is internet connectivity. As our … Read more

New Mobile Games and What to Expect

Mobile games have really advanced in the last few years. With the jump in processor and GPU/APU power in both the iPhones and Android phones, the options for developers have become much wider. Also, game studios are looking back to the early days of consoles, as well are arcade games and casino machines to make new products. The final results are very entertaining and fleshed out games that can keep you lost in your phone … Read more

Product Showcase: The Redmagic 5G Gaming Smartphone

The world of smartphone gaming can be one that is hard to get into. Trying to find a phone that is designed not only for speed and reliability, but also for finding a device can that handle high frame-rates, but also showcase rather impressive resolutions isn’t easy to come by. This can be due in part by not many gamers really focusing too much on gaming from a smartphone, but rather a high end gaming … Read more

What Criteria Must Be Met by Gambling Apps on Google Play

For a long time, developers and online casino operators could not launch their casino apps on Google Play. It changed in 2017 when Google lift, the ban. There is always a but. The app developers must meet many conditions before publishing their product in the largest app store on the internet. There are currently two ways to play casino games on your mobile. First, you can enjoy playing in the browser, just like playing online … Read more

What are the Best Available Android Games Right Now?

Mobile is now one of the major gaming platforms of the industry, if not the major gaming platform. As revealed by NewZoo in their 2019 industry report, mobile gaming accounts for 45 percent of global game revenue, the majority of which is from smartphone games. As nearly everyone has a mobile phone and nearly everyone will have the desire to pass some time on a fun game, mobiles as a platform are able to reach … Read more

Top Mobile Games that are Hot in 2019

Being an avid mobile phone user, there are an endless amount of games out there that you can play that make for either great time wasters or games that you can get really addicted to that will have you keep coming back over and over again. Let me share with you six games mobile games that you can easily spend 50+ hours playing that are easy for anyone to get into. 1. BitLife – Life … Read more

5 Best Online Casino Games by Microgaming

If you like online gambling, you have definitely seen games developed by Microgaming. Based in the United Kingdom, this software company is the leading provider for online casinos. They have made a lot of different games that were well-received, and continue offering innovative gaming solutions. Although you can find all top casino games on, this article will help you to get an insight into the 5 best Microgaming offers that attract most gamblers. Mega … Read more

Top Trends in Mobile Gaming for 2018

Mobile gambling is something that has been increasing in popularity year after year and it seems as though 2018 won’t be seeing any sort of cool down on this either. With popularity spikes come certain trends too, and the mobile gaming industry certainly has a few of those to currently access and also look forward to as the year progresses. In fact, the whole mobile gaming industry is set to surge ahead as 2018 continues … Read more

6 Advantages Of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is multibillion-dollar-a-year industry. There are many advantages to gaming on your smartphone, join us as we explore our top six.

The Best Mobile Gaming Devices

As it’s the end of the year, many top tech magazines will be running down the best digital innovations of the year. And one trend that looks like it’s showing no sign of slowing down is that of mobile gaming. So if you’re looking for a way to spend the Christmas holidays locked in the world of games, here are a few devices, games and innovations from the likes of Nintendo, Lucky Nugget Casino and … Read more