What are the Best Available Android Games Right Now?

Mobile is now one of the major gaming platforms of the industry, if not the major gaming platform. As revealed by NewZoo in their 2019 industry report, mobile gaming accounts for 45 percent of global game revenue, the majority of which is from smartphone games. As nearly everyone has a mobile phone and nearly everyone [...]

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5 Best Online Casino Games by Microgaming

If you like online gambling, you have definitely seen games developed by Microgaming. Based in the United Kingdom, this software company is the leading provider for online casinos. They have made a lot of different games that were well-received, and continue offering innovative gaming solutions. Although you can find all top casino games on CasinoMicrogaming.org, [...]

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Top Trends in Mobile Gaming for 2018

Mobile gambling is something that has been increasing in popularity year after year and it seems as though 2018 won’t be seeing any sort of cool down on this either. With popularity spikes come certain trends too, and the mobile gaming industry certainly has a few of those to currently access and also look forward [...]

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