RAVPower 14000mAh External Battery Pack Review

When it comes to mobile devices these days people want to have a device that they can rely on that will give them the longest battery life possible. Nothing can be more frustrating than when we receive an important call, email or text and notice that our phone has only about  3-5% left on it making that important response back seem like a game of “Beat the Clock” However I was given the opportunity to … Read more

Review of the RAVPower FileHub Wi-Fi Disk and External Battery

This is a review of the RAVPower FileHub Wireless SD Flash Card Reader USB External HDD / SDD Reader with Built-in 3000 mah External Battery Pack and Portable Wifi Hot Spot which once again is a product name that tries to include everything the device can do into the name of the product.  Simply referred to as the RAVPower FileHub this device is the only one I have reviewed that provides the following functionality all … Read more

Review of the RAVPower External Backup Battery Power Bank

I test a lot of external batteries which are also known as battery backups, power banks..etc for mobile devices.  What these devices do is store extra power so they can supply your smartphone or tablet with some additional power which extends the usage time or charges your device when you have no access to an outlet to plug your device in. The RavPower Dynamo On-The-Go Power Bank is the only one that I reviewed so … Read more