Must-Have Gadgets in 2020

Modern technology brought us gadgets that we never thought we’d have. Cool phones, wireless chargers, electric scooters, and robot-vacuums are some of the gadgets that made our lives much easier. With 2020 coming right around the corner, we’d like to present some devices that are a must-have for every person. They are extremely helpful in everyday situations. Here are some of our top picks. Laptop As usual, a laptop is probably the most important thing … Read more

Showcasing the Ulefone Armor 3W

  Looking for a tablet that also works as a phone is something that most people can find a bit challenging to find. The Ulefone Armor 3W 4G 5.7 inch Phablet is a device that is going to give you what you are looking for in a phone that also serves as a tablet. The Armor 3W comes packed with a 5.7 inch Gorilla Glass, multi-touch display with a Helio P70 CPU and gives you … Read more

Showcasing the Beelink Gemini T32 Mini PC

Computers these days are relatively inexpensive and can be quite easily affordable. For those that are in need of just a CPU and already have the monitor, looking for a PC that doesn’t have all the flashy extras is something that can be a bit of a task for those that are not sure what to look for. The Beelink Gemini T32 Mini PC gives you what you are looking for and without taking up … Read more

Should You Spy on Another Person’s Text Messages

Imagine being a parent and not knowing what your teenager is up to, especially when you ask them to come home a certain time every night at a specific time. Would you be concerned for the safety of your child? I would certainly hope so. The best part about the digital age is the ability to use technology to find out what people are up to or see what they are doing with their time. … Read more

6 Things to Consider When Buying Headphones

For many of us, headphones are one of life’s essentials. From work to exercise, we are constantly listening, streaming, and chatting using headphones. If you’re in need of an upgrade, make sure you consider the following six things to find the headphones that are right for you! 1) Wired or Wireless? While wireless headphones are currently the most popular and fashionable choice, the more traditional wired headphones still offer excellent sound quality. Wired headphones can … Read more

What Makes A Microphone Better Than The Other?

Typically, microphones are used to amplify sounds, such as your voice during a conference or an event performance. Microphones also convert sound waves into electrical signals such as what happens during a phone call. With all different types of microphones out in the market nowadays, how can you tell what makes one kind of microphone significantly better than the other? Well then read on. Directivity The amplification output of a microphone is affected by where … Read more

Fun Things You Can Do With Your Phone – Alone or With Friends

We are seeing the rise of the mobile generation. More and more people are owning a mobile phone, typically with an Android or iOS operating system. Aside from the usual functions of calling, texting and activating different apps, there are other fun features that you might not be aware of. It’s no wonder why different generations – both the young and old – find mobile phones and smartphones as increasingly important devices in their daily … Read more

tDCS Devices- Modern Treatment Approach to Mental Health Issues

tDCS technologies are the buzz word in the world of neuroscience. Positive reviews from the medical community, as well as users around the globe, have created a huge demand for tDCS devices in the market. Transcranial direct current stimulation helps in modulating neural circuits. In other words, changes happen in the neuron’s threshold for creating electrical impulses. Stimulating different neural pathways has been known to effectively treat various neurological and mental health disorders like depression, … Read more

How Technology Will Impact The Future Of Engineering

Technology and engineering always work in unison. When technology advances, this affects the type of engineering work that is produced. New systems, machines, and gadgets are transforming the way engineers are able to develop, test and maintain products and equipment. When people think of the engineers, they often think of an individual that can fix their internet or someone that devises the structure of the buildings you see outside. The very definition of an engineer … Read more

5 Perfect Tech Gift Ideas for People Who Appreciate Practical Gifts

When we are young, practical gifts are the worst, I mean, which kid wants a pencil box or a set of crayons as a gift?! You probably want to get some toy or video game. But as you grow older, practical gifts start making a lot more sense, they help you out, and you actually use them for a good part of time. These days everything is becoming influenced by modern technology. Tech has created … Read more

Showcasing the DJI Digital FPV System

When it comes to people looking for a way to record some stunning views of any particular landscape, the way to go about it in our modern world is by way of using a drone. Drones have become extremely popular over the last ten years and now there is a sport where people get together and race their drones by way of a set course. Some of these courses can be extremely challenging and for … Read more

Best Tech Gadgets For College Students

If you have a tech lover in your family that is heading off to college soon, there are some pretty cool gadgets that they can now take with them. College is a challenge for most young students, so a bit of help can be a life saver. If you are looking to send a small gift with your child on their journey to academia, your tech savvy teen will love some of these ideas. Students … Read more

Top 3 Phones that Support 5G

The future of mobile data and connectivity has finally arrived. Many of us will be slowly making the switch from a 4G mobile network to the long-awaited 5G. That wait will soon be over as many companies have already introduced their new line of 5G devices that will support the new network. Here, I will be showing what I believe to be the top 3 phones that will be among the first to support 5G. … Read more

10 Educational Gadgets That Students Will Love

During your normal school days, you will have to write a wide range of tasks. There are certain apps and gadgets that learners need to have to remain organized and explore college life in new ways. These study gadgets will also help students to improve their performances in school. Top 10 tech gadgets for students Here are the best apps or gadgets for students 1. Grammarly app Essay writing is a key component of school … Read more

Shoot Fireballs From Your Wrist with the Pyro Mini Fireshooter!

Oh yes, who here hasn’t ever wanted to be able to shoot a fireball from their wrists. I think back to the game Street Fighter and playing as my favorite character Ryu and his Hadoken ability and telling myself just how cool it would be to be able to shoot a fireball like that. Well, I can make my dreams somewhat true and so can you, with the Pyro Mini Fireshooter. The Pyro Mini Fireshooter … Read more

The Most Satisfying Things You Can Do With Your Phone

Smartphones are being integrated into almost every part of our lives. People are now on their phones all the time, not in a bad way, because the number of things and interactions we can have on our smartphones are endless. Every notification makes us take a glance at our phone. When you’re waiting for your dentist, stuck in traffic, in a long flight, and many other boring situations, you tend to use your smartphone to … Read more

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Which Android Tablet Should I Spend My Money On?

  Things used to be so simple prior to the evolution of technology. You’d get a desktop computer, a decent start-up for your internet broadband, and you were sorted. Those days, however, are long behind us and although now it’s great because we have a lot more choice, it’s a lot more difficult to know what models to invest our money into, and what’s going to be right for us. Nowadays the vast majority of … Read more

Retro Tech: 4 Retro Gadgets That Are Making a Come Back!

Did you ever stumble upon a really old device that was super popular back in the 70’s and wonder if you can still get one because they look nice? You keep seeing all types of vintage gadgets in shows like ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘That 70’s Show’ and it sends you back in time to revisit an age that you really miss. An age where they had Walkman’s, cassette players and those old arcade games at … Read more

Top 10 Alexa Skills for 2019

Source-Pexels According to reports from Amazon, more than 100 million Alexa’s have been sold to date. There’s good reason for this. Alexa offers a wide array of skills and abilities to users, from playing/streaming music, controlling smart gadgets, and even placing orders on Amazon. What’s even more amazing is the fact that there are now more than 70,000 skills available on Alexa, with this number growing all the time. If you are ready to learn about … Read more