Things You Can Do with the NEJE DK-8-KZ Laser Engraving Machine

So a laser engraver is something that I would make a lot of use of and ones that can engrave both wood and metal are valuable assets.  This one by NEJE does support wood even though it wasn't specifically listed, you can see examples of wood laser engravings on the product page and from people [...]

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Hidden Cameras for all your Home Surveillance Needs

Sometimes you just want to know what is going on in your home in the most covert way possible.  This is why spy cameras and hidden cameras are becoming every increasingly more common, flexible and creative in how they are designed to be obscure and less detectable than your typical cloud home security camera.  Now, [...]

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Shrink Wrap Machine Sizes for Products

Aside from distributing a fantastic product or service, your production operation is also important for your business. So, identifying what size of shrink wrap machine your business need is one of the best ways to start your business. On the other hand, shrink wrapping machines are available in different sizes and types. In addition, they [...]

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Technology’s Impact on Employment

You will often hear about the ways that technology is changing the world of work. A lot of what people talk about involves the anxieties and fears many have over technology replacing people's jobs. However, the impact that technology can have on employment isn't all bad. In fact, it's doing a lot of good and [...]

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Ten Great Gadgets for the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

The digital nomad lifestyle is rapidly gaining popularity in the world today. Living a life of travel while working remotely is fast becoming mainstream with the young and the adventurous. The power of the internet in this digital age has made this kind of setup possible. A digital nomad prepares for their journey by having [...]

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How are Drones Impacting the Oil and Gas Industry?

Image: Techcrunch A fast evolving number of nations have passed regulations allowing energy organizations to station inspection drones for their maintenance needs. By this, they are saving man hours and money, as well as circumventing most of the potentially unsafe work. Drone inspection involves analysis of large volume of data(videos, IR thermal images, high resolution [...]

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How Has Technology Improved Safety in the Workplace?

Advanced robotics, high-speed data processing, 3d visualisations and now upcoming virtual reality has changed the way how industries are run today. We have seen great advancements in construction, oil and gas, mining and various other industries thanks to the technological advancements which has improved productivity, lowered the costs and enhanced safety. With all these advancements [...]

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How to Stream 4k60 at it’s Very Best

As games are getting bigger and better and the hardware is getting more and more powerful, 4K60 is becoming the norm. If you’re a streamer, you’re going to need to learn how to capture 4K60 gameplay effectively and beautifully. Here are the tips and tricks you need to know for capturing the latest and greatest [...]

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How Far Do You Need to Position Your Projector?

Projects are a great alternative to a traditional TV. However, setting them up can be confusing at first, especially if you’ve never used one before. The Sony VPLVW285ES 4K HDR Home Theater Video Projector Determine screen location Before you begin to set anything up, you want to find the best wall to project [...]

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Digital signage system selection made easy

More and more businesses, especially those in the retail business with brick and mortar stores are using digital signage systems as the technology has provided opportunities for creating better customer engagement that gives the cutting edge in competition. To carry your business in front of clients, you must have the channels of communication open to [...]

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3 Ways Robots Will Make You More Productive

Don't fear the robots. It's likely that artificial intelligence and robotics will make many people's lives better, not worse. For one thing, AI is expected to increase productivity. As CNBC reported, robotics and AI are on track to increase productivity by as much as 40 percent by the year 2035. With the help of AI, economic [...]

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Futuristic Hospitals [INFOGRAPHIC]

Technology is changing the way patients are diagnosed and cared for in various fields of medicine in a remarkable way. One area which is having a marked impact on the medical world is the use of 3D printing. Today 3D printers are being used to make a range of medical devices, which includes those with [...]

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How to Improve Wi-Fi Signal and Range [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wi-Fi networks  are often preferred over the traditional LAN network. There are many reasons behind it. Some of the most obvious ones are the convenience, easier installation and comparatively reduced cost as compared to wired networks. But what most people ignore that WiFi is a fragile networking method. Let’s discuss some of its disadvantages. First, [...]

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How Secure Sockets Layer Is Used To Protect And Safeguard Data

Building trust online is a fundamental component in having a successful e-commerce site. Of course, low prices and an excellent selection of products will be important, but even the best of prices won't attract customers if there is a problem with the security on the site or if they receive a popup in the browser [...]

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Revolutionary New Golf Game Improvement Plan Through the Aid of Technology!

The game of golf is very popular the world, over, with many people participating in the game for fun, as well as its popularity as a professional (whether you are the pro golfer or you are the one who watches the pro golfers)! Whether the interest in the game started when you were a kid [...]

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Facial Recognition and Other Technologies Used to Protect the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry was among the first to implement advanced security technologies for protection. Technologies ranging from sophisticated alarm systems to facial recognition and relationship identification are all part of the layers of security measures put in place to prevent cheating and theft. Royalty Free Photo Today, the technologies behind the gaming industry are nothing [...]

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Touch Screen Kiosks Are Changing The Retail Landscape

Touch screen interactive kiosks such as self-serve points of sale and screens on the floor have already been introduced in a variety of retail sectors in North America, including supermarkets, electronics, QSR, ticket retailers, and pharmacies, and they’re poised to totally transform the entire retail market over the next few years. While it took the [...]

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Pacific TECH Professional Tablet – 3 Months Later Review

Before we get into the review of this tablet, I want to say this immediately, I have went through almost four of these tablets and two of them were DOA. Pacific TECH quickly fixed the issue but it's definitely worth pointing out. Also, I received these at a reduced price in exchange for my review. [...]

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