Enhance your YouTube experience with YouTube Center

Enhance your YouTube experience with YouTube Center, it lets you alter and change almost every feature in YouTube according to your liking. It even adds much more functionality to YouTube like option to download videos and audios, full video buffering, animated video thumbnails, and other numerous enhancements and modifications (possibly more than you'll ever need).

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Tablet Express Dragon Touch M10X 10.1in Review

Tablet Express releases yet another tablet, it’s not a big deal right,… well, it might be.  Today’s review is on the Tablet Express Dragon Touch M10X tablet.  It is a 10 in tablet, but it’s not Tablet Express’ regular tablet. Let’s start off with the specs. Specifications 10.1in IPS 1366x768 HD Display MediaTek’s MTK MT8127 [...]

Gary’s Mod Article #3 – Prop Hunt!

Prop Hunt is another game mode that brings loads of people together and offers a great multiplayer experience for all to enjoy. Prop Hunt works a bit like hide and seek but virtual and with Hunters and Props! Essentially the idea is very simple however the game really is fun when playing and could easily [...]

The Dragoncast Episode 9: Video Game Over?

It's a new week and a new episode of The Dragoncast. This week we are joined by one of Dragon Blogger's very own writers, Victor Salazar once again as we discuss the current fall of video game company THQ . We give our opinion on what current video game companies need to do in order [...]

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Share Music and Videos Legally and Free With EmoPlayer

If you are like me, you have a ton of different programs and sites for your media. These range from YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, etc. People also keep sharing these via Facebook. Sometimes it is a pain to swap between everything, pause one and visit the other, and then remember what you were doing after. Thanks [...]

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YouTube Now Using Real Names For Comments

Google has been making some big changes to YouTube recently. Some hate it, some love it. A huge one that is sure to get mixed reviews is their newest policy or wanting you to use your real name when posting comments to YouTube. Their theory? If you are held more accountable for your posts and [...]

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Downloading YouTube Video’s to your iPOD Nano

I was asked by a friend on how to get youtube and other downloaded video's ported over to their iPOD Nano so they can be watched.  In addition, since mostly Music Video's were downloaded my friend wanted to them to categorize to be placed in the "Music Video's" category that comes standard with iPod Nano.  [...]

Ubuntu YouTube to IPOD Part 1 – Downloading and converting YouTube Video’s to iPOD MP4 Format

I have spent more than three days gathering and finding the best and most efficient way to download YouTube video's and convert them from FLV to MP4 format so that they can be transferred to an iPOD.  I have finally found what I think is the easiest method, though it takes some work to setup [...]

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