Roxie Reacts: The Case Study of Vanitas – Episode 1, “In the Event of Rusty Hopes” [Spoilers; Dubbed Version; Critical Analysis]

Hello and welcome to the first edition of Roxie Reacts. It’s great to meet you. I’m Roxie, and I’m going to be giving a live reaction to every single episode of a series I choose, beginning with Funimation’s The Case Study of Vanitas. I enjoy hosting roleplays, writing narrative fiction, and of course working on these articles. So I thought, “Why not give a critical analysis of an anime series, episode-by-episode, reaction-by-reaction, for the lovely … Read more

3D Printed Housing: An Iconic Revolution

I’ve always been interested in things that could save the environment: things that are much more cost-effective and noteworthy in comparison to other modern-day or tried-and-true solutions. Many people say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But I tend to disagree – because that mindset can limit you from discovering wonderful, new ideas that could revolutionize a whole industry. In fact, the industry in question is architecture itself. Humans have been building buildings since … Read more

Steam Deck: You Mean a Gaming Tablet?

To be completely honest, when I first saw the Steam Deck, I thought it was quite a rip-off, or at least a mini low-end gaming computer that has the price, portability, and size of an expensive tablet (but with gaming controls). Apparently I was partially right. AMD makes absolutely wonderful processors that can make you shout “what in blazes” at the speed. And you can imagine what happens when they combine that with Steam, using … Read more


Psychic Mousepads: The New Wireless Phone Chargers

Ever heard of wireless electricity? You use it all the time in the form of WiFi: electrical signals that can be transmitted wirelessly to different devices. You also use this same energy when you listen to the radio in the morning when you go to work. In fact, what if I told you that you could also tap into something more high-powered to charge your phone without even having to plug it into the wall? … Read more


Roxie’s Underrated Reviews: Sunset Overdrive

There comes a point in an individual’s life where they just want to blow stuff up. There also comes a point where this same individual decides to blow stuff up, and have fun doing it. So why not just play some good ol’ Sunset Overdrive instead and save yourself an act of terrorism, destruction of property, and general mass endangerment which an insanity plea sadly won’t get you out of. I mean heck, the protagonist … Read more

Featuring New Dragon Blogger Writer Roxie Revonae

So… I’m Roxie. To be fair, I’m just some person… girl… thing… on the internet who likes to shout my opinion as loud as I can while also doing it respectfully and trying to come from a place of good intents. I’m an extremely spiritual individual (the legit logic-based para-psychological stuff, not the “woo-woo” nonsense) who has a lot of diverse interests, and spends her time working on herself and trying to get ahead in … Read more

Take Me to the Moon, Luna – What is Amazon Luna?

If there’s a rocket ship involved, I’m in. Wait, what? There’s no rocket ship? What about… about science?! Guess I’m- oh dang, there are games? A streaming service for games? Psh, we all know that’s just a load of garbage, you can’t play games seamlessly on- Okay hold the phone. What are you saying now? A whole library for $5.99 a month, and that’s not even it? And Ubisoft games for $14.99 a month? The … Read more

Underrated Reviews: The Witcher

Let me guess: You envision Geralt as a geriatric old man with white hair and a cranky old “I hate the world” attitude. You’d be surprised if you knew that the original author of The Witcher book series actually sued 3D Projekt Red because they went too off course from the original Geralt in the 3rd game, Witcher 3. In fact, you’d probably be even more shocked to see our favorite monster-slaying baddie looking like … Read more

Nahimic Audio: What’s That on My Taskbar?

If you’re like me, you use Windows 10 on a regular basis. And if you’re also like me, you enjoy listening to music in the highest quality you can, with the right amount of big pumping beats that make you wanna rock your body ‘round and ‘round. To be fair, I haven’t experimented with many audio enhancers, but most of the ones I’ve played around with have distorted and stopped most of the sound quality … Read more

Cyborgs in Society: An Ethical Dilemma

Cyborgs. You love em. You hate em. Some just plain scare ya. Well… not really – but possibly in the future. Most of you who read this blog probably think they’re pretty neat. I mean hey, who wouldn’t want a robotic arm that could lift a thousand pounds above your head, or an exoskeleton that makes Iron Man look like a joke? Oh jeez, sorry, probably offended all the Marvel fans. Whoops… okay okay, Iron … Read more

Grinding in Games: Joyful Progress or Repetitive Nonsense?

Game developers, I hope you’re listening, because this is gonna be a doozy. We all know you have to eat, and to eat you have to get people to play your game (and possibly spend money), but as a general rule, you should really be careful about how you have your players spend their time. Because be honest – and cut the greed here – do you sincerely feel good about yourself when you make … Read more

Traveling to Exoplanets: How will we get there?

Let’s say you go to space. Everyone wants to, at one point or another, if they’ve ever looked up at the stars of the night sky on a clear, dark eve. One of those nights where you can just see everything around you, encapsulated in the awe and wonder of the whole universe before your eyes. Sometimes, distance is terrifying. Other times, it just draws you in even more. So yes, let’s say you’re one … Read more

DNA Modification: An Ethical Dilemma

With the introduction of technologies such as CRISPR that can modify a cell’s DNA, one must understand the ethical dilemmas of doing such a thing. The first thing I can think of when DNA modification is introduced, is the fact that it would be used to cure genetic diseases. But here’s the thing: What actually is considered a genetic disease? Sure, certainly cancer would be a genetic disease – or possibly severe forms of Down … Read more

Borderlands 2: I Love you, but you’re Just Not Cutting It

Every game I play is for a reason: That reason is because I enjoy it. Video games are art, and people seem to forget how much effort and work is put into them. And I’m not saying that it’s necessarily bad to just play games to play them. In fact, play games for whatever reason you like, all the power to you. Art is meant to be experienced in whatever way you like. However, for … Read more