Looked at Designing a Mobile App with DashBouquet

I had an idea for a few mobile apps as off shoots for Dragon Blogger and started looking at various design and programming options to go about getting an Android or iPhone mobile app for my website.  One software development company I looked at was DashBouquet which had a very flexible and modular build your feature pricing segment which while very flexible and offering a lot of options ended up still having a price tag … Read more

Creating Your First Android App for Free

Making an app is a great skill to have and an app is a great asset for almost any business. Every serious business has its own app, from phone answering services to accounting software, an app tells potential clients & customers that you’re a professional outfit. Whether you want to set up your own business creating apps, or you want to create one for your existing organization – there are so many different ways to do it, that … Read more

7 Mobile App Marketing Strategies For Gaming Apps

These days promoting a mobile gaming app requires a lot more than submitting it to the app store and waiting for the downloads to roll in. You’ll need to be prepared to invest some time and some money into KPIs that specifically relate to the app market. In other words, not your average marketing job complete with a couple of blogs and a press release. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of … Read more

Major Characteristics of a Best Mobile App 

Mobile apps are increasingly replacing web pages, so creating an app is a common practice. The internet users access the Internet frequently from their mobile phone than from a computer. And according to Randomido technology report, more consumers spend time interacting with an app than with a website. Many apps fail because they do not connect to their audience. In this article, we would talk about the aspects of a good and successful mobile app. … Read more

Top Mobile Apps for Storytelling

Technology is actually crazy enough to make us droll again and again. It has the power to make us change our perception virtually, emotionally and physically also. The easiest way to connect with people around the globe is through mobile apps. There are various different apps available that are capable enough to bring even a revolution in the market. The new and latest concept is storytelling. The biggest regret generally people have in their lives … Read more

How to Make a Game App: Your Step-By-Step Guide

Mobile gaming is a huge market and is a great way to market your business. If you want to know how to make a game app, follow these steps. Want to play a new game? You could just make your own. Global app revenue is set to reach nearly $190 billion by 2020. That’s one big pie, so it’s no wonder everyone wants a slice. If you want to enter that competitive marketplace, you need to … Read more

Key Benefits of Native Mobile App Development

Building a mobile app is a requirement of all mobile companies for maintaining their reputation in the app industry. For beating your competitors in the race of mobile app development, you have to build the best mobile app from all other apps. Delivering your best to satisfy your customers is a way to success. In this article, we discuss the method of app building called the native app development and its various key benefits in … Read more

Can an App Redesign Bring More Conversions for Your Business?

Since design trends keep on evolving, there is always the need to redesign your mobile app to make it suit the aesthetics and needs of your users. App redesigning is also a strategic decision for beating competition. The thing is, what makes a design beautiful in one generation makes it outdated in the next. Hence why we see brands always investing their time and effort in redesigning their logos, websites and most of all mobile … Read more

Top 8 Ways To Monetize Your Mobile Application

With the popularity of Smartphones, the popularity and business of mobile applications have also increased commendably. There are so many mobile application development companies in the market, which launch diversified mobile applications in the market to reach different segments of the audience. There are also a few businesses which launch the mobile application with the help of a mobile app development company to convert their innovative ideas into money making mine. However, it is too … Read more