How the Internet has Changed the Casino Industry

Technology has driven huge changes in almost every industry you could name and the casino industry is no exception, with online casinos becoming hugely popular. Whilst some people prefer to feel the thrill of sitting at a roulette table and watching the ball spin around in baited anticipation, others enjoy the freedom of being able [...]

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Microsoft just announced that it is developing a streaming device for gaming and calls it the “Netflix of gaming”. This “Project xCloud” shows that gaming is ever changing and it is not remaining the same as we know it. Traditionally, games are played on consoles with the use of CDs and whatnot. However, the gaming [...]

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The Importance of a VPN in online gaming

One of the most significant technological advancements in recent times is the introduction of online gaming. While it revolutionizes the gaming world, this innovation also comes with regulations and challenges that can affect the gaming experience. Every avid gamer understands the importance of a smooth gaming experience where the computer responds to all commands and [...]

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Enhancing Your Online Gaming Experience

Gaming is one of those things that many people do in their spare time. Many people have different reasons for it. Perhaps gaming and concentrating on one thing helps them focus on other aspects of their lives, maybe it relaxes you or simply you just enjoy it. But how do you enhance your gaming experience? [...]

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Online Gambling: What are the Advantages of Using Cryptocurrencies?

More and more online casinos embrace the use of cryptocurrencies on their platforms. As they present various benefits, they also have their share of drawbacks. Focus on the use of cryptocurrencies in online gambling. Online casinos embrace cryptocurrencies From year to year, online casinos innovate to offer gamblers a better gambling experience, including safer and [...]

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5 Best Online Casino Games by Microgaming

If you like online gambling, you have definitely seen games developed by Microgaming. Based in the United Kingdom, this software company is the leading provider for online casinos. They have made a lot of different games that were well-received, and continue offering innovative gaming solutions. Although you can find all top casino games on, [...]

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How the World of Online Gaming is Changing

Online gaming has moved on significantly since the well-known days of COD, crackly Bluetooth headsets and 10 year olds screaming profanities down their mics (although if you’re playing FPS this does still happen). Now it has become a force of its own, with live streams dominating and games created solely for playing online – capturing [...]

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Fun and Money: Playing for More than Just Entertainment

There are two things I'm sure every one of you loves: having fun and getting paid. Combining these two sounds like the perfect pastime, something you could do every single day. And it's possible, thanks to the internet, and gaming destinations like the All Jackpots Casino, available when you visit  Now online gambling for [...]

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6 Horrible Sins Beginner Online Gamers Commit (And How to Avoid Them)

The world of online gaming can be somewhat unforgivable when it comes to reaching out to new players interested in experiencing first hand just how exciting and exhilarating that world can be. Screams of 'newbie' and other insults, although a popular feature of most online gaming portals, are somewhat healthy for gaming platforms in the [...]

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The Importance of SSL on a Gaming Site

When creating a gaming website, it is important to have a certain level of online security. With Internet gaming becoming more and more popular by the day, Internet scams are also becoming more prominent especially in the thousands of online gaming sites that crop up offering free online games, downloads and more. Therefore, it is [...]

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