Organic Promotion of Your Spotify Tracks

Spotify as a resource has long been very popular with both beginners and well-known musicians, performers and groups. This social network gives you the opportunity to declare your work in front of a large audience and count on the encouragement, support, and gathering of real fans, as well as on expanding your target audience and maintaining your well-deserved popularity. However, the ever-growing number of new members gradually complicates the task of effectively and successfully promoting … Read more

Top Apps That Can Help You With Blogging On Instagram

Instagram has changed the way people blog. It has become more than just a pastime as it also offers a marketing platform for business owners. With over half a billion active users, Instagram has created its own force of social media influencers. These influencers use their accounts to post pictures and videos for their followers, as well as links to their own website to publicize and sell their merchandise. In order to be an efficient … Read more

How to Promote Your Brand via YouTube – Key Steps to Follow

  People love watching videos especially for entertainment. Interesting content attracts followers and gets your brand out there. YouTube converts your ideas into a likable brand. It gives you a platform to thrive among other well-recognized brands. Data shows roughly 1 billion people view hours of videos on YouTube per day, as a result, significant opportunities can emerge in the name of branding. With a diverse subscription ranging from all types of demographics, YouTube gives … Read more

Two Employees at Huawei Punished for Tweeting From iPhone

Two employees in China are receiving docked pay and demotions after sending out a company Tweet sent from an iPhone. The mistake was caught due to the (now deleted) Tweet being marked that it was sent from an iPhone. Most brands have to deal with worse Tweets coming accidentally from a corporate account, but considering the intense market battle between Huawai and Apple, this didn’t look good for their brand. Last year, Huawei became the … Read more

How to Stop Facebook Ads From Appearing

Seeing as ads are Facebook’s primary source of revenue, it should come as no surprise that the social media giant has lots of them. Not only do ads appear on the sidebar, but they also appear as part of Facebook’s news feed and blend in with regular posts. Unsurprisingly Facebook does not give you an option to disable ads on its network and there is no way to opt out of them. It is possible … Read more

Top Social Marketing Tips to Follow in 2018 and Beyond

No matter what your thoughts and feelings about social marketing are, social marketing is here to stay. It was once knocking on our doors. Then gradually it entered in and has become an integral part of our lives. But what exactly is Social Marketing? Years ago, in the 1970s, Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman discovered that the same marketing principles that were being used to sell services and products can also be applied to “selling” … Read more

Google Plus to Shut Down: How does This Affects Local Business

Google (the big Internet giant, the Big Daddy) and its products have become an indispensable part of any business online. Whether it is search algorithms or local listings, you have to take into account the Big Daddy, its products and the policies thereon to thrive and flourish online. Whenever the Internet giant makes changes in search algorithms, launches or closes its products, the world starts shaking out of ambiguity. The hottest topic of the discussion … Read more

How to Use Analytics to Improve Your Instagram Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, Instagram is still one of the best platforms to grow an audience and increase sales in your business. One of the hardest parts, however, is trying to figure out where your audience is and see what they care about. That’s where your analytics can come into play. Most people think analytics mean just their follower count or how many likes their pictures get, but there are deeper analytics … Read more

How To Establish A Digital Presence For Your Startup In Less Than A Month

For most startups, the process for establishing your digital presence seems relatively intuitive. After all, how hard can it be to set up some social media accounts and a Medium page? However, while those tools are great (and necessary), they only scratch the surface of establishing a digital presence and learning how to expand. Although this might sound complicated, with the right foundation, you’ll be rolling in no time. Here’s how: Start With Social One … Read more

Marketing Tips For Instagram That Work

Instagram is one impressive platform to help you win new customers, but you need to understand how to handle your Instagram marketing campaign successfully. Without paying attention to the latest tips and tricks, you will never be able to compete with others who are already doing great on Instagram. To run a successful marketing campaign, you need to consider automating things on Instagram. Something that you should try is automatic likes for Instagram, but always … Read more

A Short Guide to IGTV

If you think that video content is a dominant digital force, you are absolutely right! According to the report, global consumer video traffic will account for 80% of the entire Internet traffic by 2019, while an average user spends almost two hours a day watching video content. Nothing can compete with video content in terms of interaction and user engagement. In such circumstances, it’s not a surprise to see Instagram launching its own video sharing platform. In … Read more

Social Media: The Real ‘Upside Down’

I remember as a kid growing up and receiving these things called “letters” from people. People that took the time to out of their day to sit down and take out a pen & paper to handwrite you something so personal and something in which if you paid any attention to the impression their pen made on the paper you could see the motion and the importance of the thing they were writing to you … Read more

Want to give a face-lift to your social media strategy? Here are smart tactics to use!

Social media is making the world go around! Both start-ups and successful brands use social media platforms for their online marketing campaigns. And even though, social media is shrouded with mixed views, no one can deny that it’s a unifying internet platform. Over 2.5 billion people today use social media platforms. And this number will expand in the forthcoming years. Your social media strategy needs to work! For that, companies and marketers should go beyond … Read more

5 Simple Steps to Get Traffic On your Blog

Whether you are writing a blog for a particular niche or to set the blog up as a sole business or if you are running a business and to blog separately on that there are things you need to abide by. A blog is a massive part of content strategy, it helps to connect your readers, customers, and it is also able to create brand awareness in the end. If you want to drive people … Read more

9 Tips for an Effective Technology Blog Link Outreach Campaign

You may be creating quality technology-related content, but it seems that it isn’t getting as much exposure as you have planned. This is something that happens quite often today, but you can’t let it discourage you. Instead, you should invest more time and effort into launching a successful link outreach campaign. In order to help you achieve this, we’ve singled out 9 easy tips that will definitely assist you in attracting the attention of the … Read more

Why Your Addiction To Social Media Is No Accident

The Right Gambling Eliminates The Gamble When it comes to online casinos, those administering them understand they’re facing an uphill climb in terms of users. Everybody knows the house always wins. Anybody with half a brain realizes online gambling doesn’t have the element of chance being in a physical casino may render, because it simply can’t. Even a game of poker isn’t safe, though it’s likely going to be closer to true “fairness” than playing … Read more

How to Sell Your Products Using Instagram

Online selling is one of the ways to endorse your product to the market. Using social media to sell your products and services is a great way to gain popularity. Marketing strategies like selling on Instagram will give you a top spot in the market. There are a lot of online stores that can help entrepreneurs like you to make a career to last. One of these is Oberlo, wherein you can introduce your products … Read more

How to Use Instagram to Enhance Brand Identity – 8 Tips You Can Use

When you think about it, brands are powerful things. People associate your brand with a certain identity, and this identity sticks with them for life. For instance, when a person wants a perception of an adventurous individual, they post pictures of themselves travelling to different countries or cities, trying different foods, or even watching different shows – as long as they show you they are doing extraordinary things. Even if they spend much of their … Read more

Effective Ways on Gaining Youtube Subscribers

YouTube has grown to become the biggest video sharing platform on the Internet, and this means for businesses that are looking to promote their products, it is one of the best places to share with their audience. One challenge people encounter while trying to build channels on YouTube is the difficulty in getting subscribers. Competition on the platform is rife, and you have to offer high-quality content so as to get meaningful traction. If you … Read more