Top 25 Free-to-use Video Editing Softwares In 2020

In today’s times, video editing has become an essential skill, especially for marketing purposes. To help both novice and experienced users make video ads as well as edit them, several softwares and online portals are available for free.  Here is a list of twenty-five free-to-use video editing software: 1. Lapse It: Over the past few years, time-lapse videos have become a trend on various social media platforms. Lapse It is a specialized software that allows … Read more

7 Video Production Tips To Achieve Professional-Looking Videos

Video content is king on the internet right now. It’s pretty clear that reading a piece of text or looking at images have fallen behind in people’s preferences. All the focus is on video content at the moment and the numbers seem to support this claim. Statistics reveal that in 2019, in the United States, internet users spent on average seven hours per week watching videos on the internet. This year, more than 80% of … Read more

Video Editing Tips To Create Short & Impactful Content

Remember the last time you sought a solution to your query by referring to a video? DIY, tech tips, and product reviews are some of the popular forms of video that you must have interacted with. The ever-increasing use of social media in recent times has brought forth a plethora of content, with the video being the easiest to consume. Although selecting the best video may seem easy for the user, but for a creator, … Read more

Best video editing tools available online

If you belong to the field of digital marketing, you will definitely need a good video editing software or tool. Whether you are an aspiring YouTuber or someone who plans or becoming a pro at making videos, we have the perfect tools enlisted for you. In this post, we will give you a brief on some of the best video editing tools available online and how you can use them to your benefit. Wideo The … Read more

What Software Can I Use to Edit Video?

Video editing is an ever-growing business, and with time it has been made more available to amateur videographers due to the new free software and information that is being shared on the web every day. There are many software programs available in the market today. But, it is crucial that you think of the kind of features that you must before purchasing any software. Another reason to consider before making a purchase is the video … Read more

Review of the Patriot Viper 32Gig 2800MHz DDR4 PVE432G280C6KGY memory kit

RAM, we all need it in our PC’s (yeah Macs are included here), Tablet’s, Phones, Consoles (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, etc) and just about any device that computes.  Windows 10 itself requires 2Gigs of it (64-Bit), if you are only running 2 Gigs in Windows you might be a little held back by what you can do.  Top it off with a web browser, applications, games and the likes and you are going … Read more

Review of the PNY GTX 960OC XLR8 Video card

In this multi-flavored and Skittles colored array of GPU board manufacturers, it’s hard to find the one perfect for you. Everyone seems to have a different theme and magical offering to get you to come down their line, but what if simple was the best? PNY has never been known to get caught up in throwing a bunch of useless gimmicks but does work hard to give you a performer. Today I bring you a … Read more

Tenorshare Video Converter Review

Our friends over at Tenorshare were interested in having us review their video converter software, so we put it through the test and will share with you our thoughts and results. Now this is something I can say I have been needing for my video library as I need to convert a lot of media files from one format to another.  Don’t forget, after the review you can go to Tenorshare website and download the software and try … Read more

Aoao Video Watermark Pro Review

I got in my hands last week on a new software program called Aoao Video Watermark Pro. Like the name says it a watermark software utility for your videos. Now I have never used a software like this before and thought it would be cool to try out and play with.  As many of you know I create video content for the Dragon Blogger YouTube Channel, but I don’t add watermarks to my videos and let … Read more