Enter to Win a Video Game of Your Choice

So after reviewing my recent giveaways it seems that what readers and viewers like most is when I give them a chance to win whatever game they want, rather than a specific prize or item that may only appeal to a select few.  So I decided to host another win the video game that you want giveaway and this can include any game for any console or platform that is $60 or less retail value.  … Read more

Increase the Lifespan of your Xbox One X with the OVIO Vertical Cooling Stand

Not only is keeping your PlayStation 4 Pro cool important but so is maintaining and keeping your Xbox One X cool jsut as important. With the OVIO Vertical Cooling Stand, you will be able to do all of this and more. This vertical stand doesn’t just keep your Xbox One X, Xbox One S or even regular Xbox One cool, but it also allows your console to be able to stand in a vertical position … Read more

Win a Free Video Game of Your Choice

As another way to give back to my fans I wanted to kick off another giveaway where the winner isn’t forced to win something they may or may not want, but gets to pick whatever game they have been wanting and they get it.  This giveaway called the Video Game of Your Choice is where you get to pick which game you win and it can be for any platform.  PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo … Read more

Steel Rats coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC

London, 28th June 2018 – It’s too late to run, it’s too late to hide, the alien invasion we’ve all been dreading has finally landed and it comes in the shape of a 10-foot-tall, 1,900-pound junk robot that can be found at a gaming convention near you. ‘The Screamer’ is one of the deadliest enemies in the upcoming motorbike combat racer ‘Steel Rats’ and this new trailer reveals how the ingenious ‘Ride Again’ workshop in … Read more

3 Minutes to Midnight from Scarecrow Studio

3 Minutes to Midnight is Scarecrow Studio ’s first adventure game with its development led by Jan Serra It is a classic point-and-click adventure game telling the story of Betty Anderson. Do you love unexpected stories and puzzling twists, as well as feeling of satisfaction that comes when you solve riddles – the harder they are the better? You can’t stop laughing at funny dialogues? You can’t get enough of the “give me more” feeling after you discover the last … Read more

Twitch Streamer to Become First to Beat and Stream all Licensed NES Games

For Twitch streamer TheMexicanRunner, speedrunning has been something he has been passionate about for a very long time. Famous for holding world records in games such as Battletoads and Contra however, this Sunday, February 26th TheMexicanRunner is going to become the first person ever to completely finish and live stream all 714 licensed games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The project known simply as NESmania, started back in May of 2014. Basically, how the stream … Read more

Enter to win a Copy of Mad Max on Steam

The game may not be brand new but I recently was gifted a copy of Mad Max on Steam and immediately thought why not offer it up to one fan who didn’t get a chance to play and wants to win a copy.  Here is your chance to win Mad Max on steam which has over 19,500+ reviews and yet still maintained a very positive rating after that many reviews which isn’t common for a … Read more

Enter to Win a Copy of DOOM on Steam

Thanks to our friends at AMD and Sapphire Technology we have received a special treat for you all for the holidays.  Hot off of the heels of Iggy’s reviews for the Sapphire Radeon NITRO+ RX460 OC, NITRO+ RX470 and NITRO+ RX480 we have the pleasure of giving 5 readers a copy of Bethesda’s DOOM.  Give the gift of DOOM for Hanukkah, Ramadan, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Festivus and anything else you may celebrate around these times. Check … Read more

Enter to Win Ashes of the Singularity PC Game

Thanks to our friends over at Sapphire Technology who are showcasing their line of RADEON NITRO R9 390 video cards, we are giving away 2 copies of the real-time strategy game Ashes of the Singularity.    Iggy has reviewed the Sapphire NITRO R9 390 and it is an amazing card that will surely drive all your gaming needs in the cost category that the card falls in. The Sapphire 11244-01-20G Radeon NITRO R9 390 8GB GDDR5 … Read more

Worst Financial Flops In Gaming History

Unlike a few respectable developers, most of the publishers and companies in the gaming industry have only one goal in mind when creating a game; money. Sure, they might say that they value our opinion and want us to enjoy ourselves but if you pay a little attention, they only want us to buy the game and hence they want to make the most profits. That’s what its all about. However, not always all goes … Read more

Win a Video Game of Your Choice #12daysofgiveaways

This is the giveaway for all game fans, and in this latest #12DaysofGiveaways entry you have the chance to win any video game you want for any console that retails for $59.99 or less.  The video game can be for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PC, Wii U or any other console as long as I can order the game from Amazon.com as I am using Amazon credit to fund the prize. Will … Read more

October Contest: Win the Video Game of Your Choice

That’s right this is a video game contest not giveaway this time, as part of testing the new Gleam.io platform I decided to offer my readers a contest instead of a giveaway.  A contest means that the winner will be the person who collects the most entries, it will not be a random draw and Gleam.io will collect all of the entries.  Make sure you leverage the refer a friend entry option which is your … Read more

Xbox 360 Preview – Fable The Journey

It’s time for another adventure into the world of Albion in “Fable: The Journey” where, this time, you will adventure as the character, Gabriel. While forging a relationship with a horse companion you will come to the aid of the ailing Theresa, a recurring character from all the previous Fable games, who will start you on your adventure. Using the Kinect you will be immersed in the game’s 1st person perspective while you battle your … Read more