Best Blog Commenting Strategy: Plan Your Comments

Blog commenting is a simple activity, but when you have certain objectives in mind it is better to plan your comments in order to save time and effort while maximizing the returns. Based on the most common objectives behind blog commenting, we shall see how to achieve the desired targets in the shortest possible time-span. Objective: Search Engine Optimization – Building High Quality Backlinks Through Comments Strategy: 1. Make a list of dofollow blogs  in … Read more

Blog/ Website Traffic and PR: Does Google PageRank Really Matter?

Of course Google PR matters! That’s why there are so many tutorials, tips and tricks about PageRank! Do you think so too? The events of the past couple of months surrounding have radically changed my opinion of Nominal Google PageRank, more commonly known as toolbar PageRank or simple PR. In the first update since May 25th 2011, the homepage PageRank of was reduced from PR4 to PR0. In the second update since then, … Read more

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Maximize Audio/Sound Volume Output In GOMPlayer

Earlier I had posted a tutorial on how you can split a single channel (left or right) audio into both left and right using VLC media player: Correct Single Channel Audio Problem Using VLC Player In response to that post, several readers had pointed out that the main reason they use VLC media Player is that it can boost the sound level to 400% (and increase or amplification of 300%). So, I decided to share … Read more

Gmail Filters and Labels: Keep Your Email Inbox Clean!

Why You Need To Use Gmail Filters Bloggers, Website Owners and other Internet users who subscribe to a lot of sources like Daily News sites, Blogs, Newsletters etc. via Email receive as many as 20 subscription updates on a daily basis. When you rely on Email for important information like job related updates and security notifications, missing a single such email might have serious consequences. Thus, it is highly advisable to keep your Gmail inbox … Read more

Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Terms – Part 3

This is the third post in the series: Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Terms You might want to read these first : Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Terms – Part 1 About: Algorithm, Algorithmic Results, Alt Tag, Alt Text, analytics, Anchor Text, Backlink, Banned, Black Hat SEO, Blacklisted, Broken Link, Click-Through Rate, Cloaking, Conversion, Conversion Analytics, Conversion Rate, Crawler, Delisted, Directory, Doorway Page, Dynamic Content, Flash Optimization Beginners Guide to Search … Read more

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Facebook Statistics: Quantitative Impact of Facebook on People, being the second most used website worldwide according to (#1 being, is the largest aggregation of people in a social context. Launched in 2004, Facebook has grown tremendously over 7 years reaching a monetary valuation of over 50 billion USD! While the number of users, pages and pieces of content on Facebook is as static as light, here’s a snapshot from the Facebook Statistics page. 60 Countries in which Facebook is accessed … Read more