Engage Your Blog Readers – Live Chat For Blogs

Blogging is all about reaching out to people and providing content which gives them useful information, amusement or simply something they can relate to. While comments on a blog enable the communication to flow both ways, from blogger to reader and vice versa, it would be faster and more convenient by orders of magnitude if a blog has a medium for the readers to ask their doubts and provide feedback instantly, just like IM chat … Read more

Facebook Comments Plugin: 5 Advantages and 5 Disadvantages

As many of you probably know already, Facebook offers a social plugin for developers who wish to integrate their blogs further with their Facebook pages/profiles. The Facebook Comments Plugin is a simple piece of code in either FBML (Facebook Markup Language similar to HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language) or an iframe to be embedded in the source code of the blog. This plugin can be used as the only option for comments or in … Read more