Facebook Email Tips – Using Facebook Messaging as Your Free Email Service

Did you know that Facebook Messaging can be pretty conveniently set up to send emails to other email services such as Gmail, Live or Yahoo? Let’s quickly learn how you can set up your custom @facebook.com email ID and use it! TKSSMV85Q6GT How To Set Up Your @Facebook.Com Email ID? 1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/username/ to set your public username or view it if you’ve already set one up. 2. Once your username has been set, … Read more

New Mac OS X Lion Features – Latest Updates from Apple

The amazing new OS from Apple, Mac OS X Lion has several exciting features like Multi-Touch Gestures, Full-Screen Apps, Mission Control, Mac App Store, Launchpad, Auto Save and Versions, Mail etc. In all there were about 250 new features added to the Mac OS X Lion! Let’s take a closer look at some of them… Multi-Touch Gestures A huge step towards making computing more intuitive and tangible, Multi-Touch Gestures make zooming, full-screen swiping and scrolling … Read more

Windows Mobility Center Shortcut – Windows 7 Tips

Windows+X is a relatively unknown though quite useful shortcut for Windows 7 users with Laptops and Netbooks. It’s a single combination shortcut to the Windows Mobility Center. You get direct access to the Screen Display Brightness Control, Audio/Volume Control, Battery Status and Power Plan Selection, External Display Selection, Windows Sync Center Settings and Presention Mode Control. Let us take a look at the individual usefulness of each of these Controls. Screen Display Brightness Control: Usually … Read more

Technology Roundup: Google Search Trends in 2011 and Facebook Stats

In a year full of interesting developments in the technology space, we experienced events ranging from the death of arguably the greatest visionary of the personal technology space – Steve Jobs – to hacking attacks which affected over 70 million Sony Playstation users in one particularly shocking incident. Needless to say, there aren’t enough words to describe all the phenomena which captured our attention in the twelve months of 2011! In this post we shall … Read more

Blogging Tip: How to Make Statcounter Statistics Public?

Statcounter is a free and fantastic website analytics service that gives you a lot more information about your blog or website visitors than say Google Analytics. While Google Analytics can be integrated with Adsense and Webmaster Tools to create a unique tracking service for bloggers and webmasters, Statcounter allows you to track and even label each unique visitor! You can label a particular IP-address with a name so as to track specific visitors, their visiting … Read more

iPod Tips: Extend iPod Classic Battery Usage Time

My iPod Classic (6th Generation and 120GB memory) lasts around 20 hours of music playback even 3 years after I bought it! I follow some very simple steps to make sure I don’t run out of battery juice when travelling or simply away from my laptop for a while. Let’s take a look: Reduce Screen Brightness to Minimum (0%) Unless you are browsing Photos, watching a Movie/Video or reading an eBook, the screen brightness is … Read more