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WordPress Plugin Review: EasyAzon 4 for Amazon Affiliates

I love being an Amazon affiliate, and I will tell you I don't make nearly what I could but I make enough that I continue to dabble and use it as a passive means of earning revenue.  As my blog properties don't make or sell any product themselves, and this site is primarily a news, [...]

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ThemeFuse WordPress Theme Giveaway

The talented team over at ThemeFuse wants to share something really special with you. Are you ready for this? They are getting ready to give away not one, but three premium WordPress themes to our readers! Have you wanted a new, premium theme for your WordPress site or blog? Well, ThemeFuse can give you just [...]

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Formidable Pro Create Blog Posts from Form Submissions

One of the most awesome features of Formidable Pro and there are so many great features that this is the Wordpress form plugin that I purchased and use on all of my sites is that you can turn form submissions into blog posts and fully customize or tailor them. Why turn a form submission into [...]

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WordPress Plugin Review | Po.st Social Sharing

As you know there are a lot of different Social Share Platforms out there. From Digg Digg, to Sharebar, to Shareaholic, the plugins out there are seemingly endless. I’m going to take a look at something a little different. Not only does it add great looking social sharing icons to your blog but you also [...]

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Look at SEOPressor Even if You Use WordPress SEO by Yoast

I am one of those bloggers who rarely pay for plugins or themes unless there is no free plugins out there that can achieve the same features and functionality.  I would even combine 2 or 3 plugins to achieve the same functionality but when a premium plugin comes along and has the functionality of 5,6 [...]

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Resolved the WordPress 3.5.1 XMLRPC 500 Errors

After troubleshooting for several hours earlier today I was getting 500 errors when trying to publish to my Wordpress blog via Live Writer or Word 2010.  Would get a standard Wordpress xmlrpc 500 error trying to hit xmlrpc.php but the thing was I can hit the page directly and it was working for my other [...]

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