Jelly Combs Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Review

The one thing that is missing in most smart TV boxes is a good remote. Well, Jelly Comb has fixed that for us. A week back they sent me their new Mini Bluetooth keyboard. This keyboard is fully rechargeable.  So there is no fumbling to find new batteries in a hurry. In the package you get the keyboard, charging cord, and user manual. As you can see the Jelly Comb mini Bluetooth keyboard is small. … Read more

BATTOP Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard Review

  I hate typing on touch tablets and have never been very quick typing on touch screens compared to physical keyboards with their tactile and springy keys.  This is why I tend to not do any sort of blogging or extending writing on tablet devices, but if I do I always bring with me a Bluetooth keyboard of some sort.  I test a variety of them and many are miss or hit, you deal with … Read more

Enter to win a Perixx PERIBOARD-805LW II Foldable Keyboard

We have partnered with Perixx to giveaway one of their PERIBOARD 805-LW II Folding Keyboards.  This is a solid Bluetooth keyboard with a metal bottom that gives you the benefits of a full size typing keyboard while being able to fold up small enough to fit anywhere you store your tablet or phablet.  The keys have a great tactile feel and this allows you to turn any tablet into a portable note taking machine if … Read more

Win a Koolertron Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard #12DaysofGiveaways

When we called for companies willing to help us with the 12 days of giveaways here on Dragon Blogger, Koolertron responded and offered their versatile Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard. What makes this Bluetooth Keyboard different from many others is the track pad which actually will let you do swipes on the track pad and translate them to screen swipes on your mobile devices.  This prevents you from having to take your hands away from the keyboard … Read more

Review of the UtechSmart Super Slim Mini Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Keyboard

I have reviewed quite a few wireless Bluetooth keyboards over the years here at but none have impressed me as much as the most recent UtechSmart Super Slim Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard.  This mini keyboard which feels very close to a full size keyboard without the 10 keypad, has just the right spacing and sized keys to make it the perfect fit for my hands and accompaniment to my iPad for when I need to … Read more

Anker Ultrathin Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review

I hadn’t had a chance to review a new iPad keyboard cover case for a while, so I was excited to get my hands on the Anker Ultrathin Bluetooth Keyboard Case with Stand and yes the product name is quite a mouthful as they stuffed all the keyboard cover case can do into the product name. First and foremost this is a wireless Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad that doubles over as a case that … Read more

Touchfire iPad Keyboard Review

Disclaimer: Touchfire provided with a Touchfire iPad Keyboard for evaluation purposes. Opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own. I like many of you out there often find myself tethered to my iPad. One of the drawbacks of this close relationship I share with it is the fact that I cannot stand the virtual keyboard it comes with. A company called Touchfire heard pleas like mine and came up with the Touchfire iPad Keyboard … Read more