Predictive Index Learning Test Will Gauge Your Cognitive Skills!

  Do you have the zeal to learn and grasp new things? If so, take a predictive index learning test and be a part of the renounced company who want to staff like you. Formerly called a Professional Learning Indicator (PLI), the predictive Index Learning Indicator (PILI) is a 12-minute test featuring a total of [...]

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Antibody Sequencing and the Technology Behind It

Antibodies are one of the body’s line of defense against antigens, and this is the best information most people remember from Biology class about antibodies. However, there’s actually more to antibodies than this definition. Analyzing what these antibodies are up to can offer a breadth of information about these compounds and how they can influence [...]

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Four Lab Machines That Help Change The World Every Day

A huge number of scientific advancements have occurred in the last twenty-five years. So many of them are considered mainstream and normal today that it’s difficult to imagine how revolutionary they were when they first came out. From the advent of modern day stem cell research at Osiris Therapeutics in 1999 to the first seedless [...]

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Top 6 Telescopes for Beginning Stargazers

Telescopes are the most important tools for a person passionate about astronomy. While many people believe that they are hard to use and expensive, nowadays there are a lot of models for beginners. These telescopes also come with great prices. Buying a telescope can be a bit tricky, especially for a beginner. This is why [...]

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Bittersweet 10 year Anniversary for Firefly

The San Diego Comic-Con this year had a panel with several Firefly cast members and others involved in the show.  November will be the 10th anniversary of the show premiere.  The show initially aired on Fox TV; out of order and switching the night it played; but was recently acquired by Science.  General Manager and [...]

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