The Following – Let Me Go Recap

Let Me Go could mean several things on this week’s The Following episode (sorry about missing last week).  We have Joey still with Emma; although Paul and Jacob seem to be gone for good; Joe Carroll’s transfer, which results in his escape; even the kidnapping of a young woman.  Heck, it could even be what Ryan Hardy does later in the episode to solve one of the FBI’s dilemmas.  Then again, it could be about … Read more

The Walking Dead – Clear

The Walking Dead is certainly making a few things “Clear” for some of its characters and the viewers this week.  Instead of bouncing between Woodbury and the prison, we follow Rick, Carl, and Michonne as they travel back to the Grimes’ hometown in King County.  Rick knows they will find weapons there since it was deserted when Rick awoke in the hospital so long ago. As they travel the empty road, the small group passes … Read more

The Walking Dead – I Ain’t a Judas

Andrea is definitely try to prove “I ain’t a Judas” this week on The Walking Dead because she can’t decide who to be loyal too.  The woman who learns the truth about her beloved Governor, he really is a liar and out for blood, just can’t face the idea of leaving him; it makes me want to scream.  I’m getting ahead of myself though. The prison group seems to be at ease with themselves at … Read more

The Walking Dead – Home Recap

The Walking Dead is really good at making you realize no one is safe in this show and Home was no different.  A few truths came out, one we knew about but didn’t realize anyone else did, and one that wasn’t exactly a shocker but at the same time made you realize just how far some characters have gone.  I also think a serious show down is coming soon between the two groups. Rick’s delusions … Read more

The Following – The Siege Recap

One of the definitions of siege is a police operation where the enemy is surrounded in an effort to compel the surrender of an armed person; I have to admit I’m not sure if this week’s The Following episode was named for the FBI or Joe Carroll’s followers.  For the FBI it is a physical attempt, albeit with a small group; and for Carroll’s followers threats and lies. Emma, Paul, and Jacob awake in the … Read more

The Following – Mad Love Recap

Can The Following’s Mad Love episode show just how crazy someone can be or is it just me?  Or perhaps the idea is that these people are so unhinged they really don’t know what love is and what infatuation is.  Maybe it was a tribute to what Valentine’s Day started as; you know a mass murder way back in history.  Whatever Mad Love was about it was another eye opener on at least one character … Read more

The Walking Dead – The Suicide King Recap

As The Walking Dead returns in full force with The Suicide King, it’s clear things are getting worse for everyone and the end of the season may bring some unexpected surprises.  That might be silly to say since most of the episodes have surprises but this one seems to be headed in a really bad direction for several characters. We pick up right where we left off in Made to Suffer, with Merle and Daryl … Read more

The Following – The Poet’s Fire Recap

Does The Poet’s Fire episode of The Following leave you with the impression that Joe is grooming Emma to take over?  I know I feel that way after watching the episode.  She seems to be in control of the rest of the group, at least what we have seen of it so far.  It also reinforces the “don’t trust anyone” theme that is playing through this twisted tale. We know now that Rick prefers burning … Read more

The Following – Chapter Two Recap

Well The Following is certainly making some people scared to watch the show alone, and Chapter Two has only made this worse.  While this episode starts off a little slower than the first, it does make you sit up and pay attention rather quickly with some background on Emma; since we’ve learned that Denise was an alias; and how Joey’s abduction is being handle.  Plus there is the introduction of Debra Parker, who replaced Jennifer … Read more

The Following – Pilot Recap

If you didn’t watch the pilot episode of The Following last night and you want to see this show, stop reading right now.  Even if you like spoilers, stop reading!  This is one you want to watch, at least the first episode, to get the full effect of it (Fox is showing it again on Friday January 25).  Now, is it just those who have seen the show?  Good, here we go. The Following is … Read more

Lost Girl – SubterrFaenean Recap

Lost Girl’s SubterrFaenean reveals some interesting things this week without having a complicated plot.  That is not a bad thing really, just different than some other episodes we have seen in the past.  SubterrFaenean also opens with Kenzi, Vex, and Kenzi’s friend Aussie, instead of Bo. The trio goes to an underground art event, and not just in the “keep it from the cops” underground but, actually in an abandoned subway tunnel.  Apparently, kids who … Read more

Why was Bo a Caged Fae in Lost Girl

After a fairly short break, Lost Girl returned with a huge question for fans, is Bo going to end up bad?  Thus far, she has sided with the Light side in most instances but still not chosen it as her “side”.    This has proven a good thing, especially since the Fae, both Light and Dark, needed to band together to beat the Garuda at the end of last season.  However, Bo finally tapped into her … Read more

Warm Bodies Preview

Did you know that the upcoming movie Warm Bodies is loosely based on the famous Shakespeare play “Romeo and Juliet”?  If you didn’t, guess what it is.  Despite actually written for the big screen from the Isaac Marion book of the same name, it is a twisted version of the tragedy everyone loves to hate. As you might expect a zombie apocalypse has affected the world and zombie R (Romeo) wanders across the town he … Read more

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

If you’ve heard about the new movie Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters coming out and wonder how they can make a children’s fairy tale into an adult story, well in this case it’s possible.  It actually isn’t an updated version of the Brothers Grimm tale but an entirely new one.  While the main characters are Hansel and Gretel from the famous tale, these are the children all grown up with a mission. The new story … Read more

Are you ready to follow The Following?

If you’ve seen previews for the upcoming TV show The Following, you might be intrigued.  I know I am.  What you might not know is what the series is about.  The basics are that an FBI agent finds himself in the middle of a network of serial killers who are created by a kingpin type serial killer using special technology.  Sounds pretty cool huh? If you dig deeper into this series, you will find out … Read more

The Carrie Diaries takes Manhattan

The Carrie Diaries, coming to The CW mid-January, is promoted as a teen drama.  It is also the prequel to the adult HBO series, Sex and the City.  The upcoming show about Carrie Bradshaw as a teenager on the verge of adulthood is based on the book by Candace Bushnell and titled the same.  The show focuses on Carrie (of course) but is somewhat confusing about the time frame if you read about it.  Some … Read more

Leatherface returns in Texas Chainsaw 3D

Texas Chainsaw 3D is the newest film in this slasher series.  It was directed by John Luessenhop and written by Debra Sullivan and Adam Marcus; Marcus wrote the ninth film in the Friday the 13th series.  The 3D release will be the seventh in the series and, as the title suggest, presented in 3D only.  However, it is not just a remake of the original 1974 movie, like the one Jessica Biel starred in. Texas … Read more

What You Need to Know About Gangster Squad

Gangster Squad is set in 1949 Los Angeles during a time when the mob was known and no underground as it was in later years.  During the height of mobs, many policemen were in the pockets of the bosses so they would look the other way when hits went down and other illegal activities were reported.  However, there is always someone will to take a stand and that is the basic plot of this film. … Read more

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Review

The Hobbit, an Unexpected Journey, released Friday to theaters nationwide.  Many of the showtimes were sold out, including the ones late Friday night (and probably Saturday as well).  As the latest film from Peter Jackson, and the first in the newest J.R.R. Tolkien trilogy, it is not a surprise this was the case. Jackson released the film in every available format out there for the theaters; 2D, 3D, IMAX 3D, and others which most people … Read more

Lost Girl Returns in January

The third season of Syfy’s Lost Girl premiers in January.  For fans of the series that follows Fae in the real world, this return is long overdue.  Then again, aren’t they all? In the first two seasons (although the US has only seen season 2), we learned that Bo is a succubus who didn’t know her real heritage for a long time.  She was haunted by things that happened in her past in fact, and … Read more