Key Information About Infinite Scrolling in Websites: What to Know

With Google’s constant updates on its algorithm, and experts coming up with new search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and digital marketing ideas, it is no wonder that website owners are confused about which update they need to do first, and if these said updates are necessary. The same thing is happening with infinite scrolling on [...]

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3 Web Design Tools to Rock in 2019

In most of the work front, the more time you spend in your activity, the more set in your ways become. In any case, for web designers, evolution and innovation is the key. As customers request more significant and better sites and applications that work over an undeniably unpredictable ecosystems gadgets, from VR to voice, [...]

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The Evolution of a Website Design

Web development is characterized as the work procedure that goes into making and dealing with a website either for the World Wide Web or for a private system. The work that goes into it can fluctuate in size, from and straightforward to being a multi-faceted endeavor of joining a combining blend of different web applications [...]

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How to Get Your eCommerce Business Website Ready For the Festivals Season?

Source With twinkling eyes, shoppers wait for the festive season. Nonetheless it brings the charm of shopping vividly and gifting delightfully. All the 365 days of a year are scattered over a number of festivals. Especially the months from October to December bring a ripening fruit for online and offline retailers to give a healthy [...]

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Website Redesign Made Easy With These 4 Pro Tips

Is it time to redesign your website for a better user experience and more traffic? This is not an uncommon occurrence for business owners. Especially since consumer behavior and search optimization strategiesperpetually shift. However, if it’s time to redesign your website you’ll want to do it the right way. User experience, functionality, and pleasing Google [...]

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The Power of Visual Content: 5 Benefits it Brings to the Table

  Image Source Having solely text on your website is not enough to get the best possible results. When people hear information, they’ll recall about 10 percent of it three days later. If this information is paired with an image, however, people will retain about 65 percent of the data. In addition, eye-tracking trials suggest [...]

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7 Tips for Building a Website for Android — With Android

Android is one of the most popular open-source mobile operating systems on the planet, and while it has differences and similarities with iOS, Android currently holds the distinction of being the system that's growing its user base the fastest. As tablet and smartphone use continue their meteoric rise, the importance of having a website — [...]

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Enter to Win PixelKit Premium UI Kits!

Here Is Your Chance to Win 1 of 3 Annual Subscriptions to Design Resources and Premium UI Kits from PixelKit The innovative team at PixelKit is ready to share 3 Annual Subscriptions with you, our readers! What a great way to start your day! The three lucky subscription winners will get an Annual Membership Account [...]

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