What Things Should You Look for in a secure Website?

There is no doubt that digital technology has become central to society in the modern age. A major part of this is how important the internet is to how we live now. Whether it is playing games for fun at an online casino, shopping for clothes at online stores, or using cloud-based systems at work, the internet allows us to function effectively in daily life. One thing to bear in mind when going about your … Read more

Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation

In marketing, the term “lead generation” refers to the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into services or products of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as sales leads, list building, or newsletter acquisition. It’s the process of building awareness with your target audience members through clever content and enticing them with offers they’ll want to sign up for. It sounds pretty simple, but there are certain nuances you’ll need to be … Read more

How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Website

Websites should not be a hassle to navigate around. If a user struggles with your website and finds the interface confusing to them, they will quickly close your website and go elsewhere. An efficient website is the difference between a successful business, and a failing business. If you do not take the time to make sure your website works properly, you will find that your business will struggle. With so many other companies and websites … Read more

Everbuying 01

Everbuying is a Site for Everybody

Hello folks around the world, how are you doing today? I hope you’re blessed, as I’d wish nothing else for you. Anyway, it’s around mid-December, 2014, and people all over the planet are shopping for gifts, whether they celebrate any particular holiday or none at all. I’ll be honest, when I do my shopping this time of year (or at all), I’m an internet junkie. You could even call me the Lion-O of online shopping, … Read more

8 Simple Common Sense Tips for Building a Great Website

Just like a magazine cover draws people in and can make the difference between someone buying the magazine or leaving it on the rack, a website does the same thing online. Your website’s home page is the first impression visitors will have of you or your company. There isn’t any rocket science behind creating the right website. With few basic pointers, anyone can build an easy to use, appealing and user-friendly website. These 8 effective … Read more

Protect Your WordPress Blog from Being Framed

After reading about @ileane having her blog iframed by other blogs which can lead to not only your content being read and used on another site, but your Google banner ads displayed on another site and a violation of AdSense ToS which does not allow AdSense ads to be displayed via an iFrame.  This could risk in an account ban. So I decided to test out the WP No Frames plugin after I saw it … Read more

Find the Right Web Host For Your Blog or Website

Let us classify types of websites and blogs based on their web hosting requirements. 1.Media Based blogs and websites 2.Text Based blogs and websites MEDIA BASED BLOGS AND WEBSITES : Now, Almost all bloggers use images in their posts. That doesn’t make it a media based blog. Media based blogs are Photo-blogs, Video-blogs, Audio-blogs etc., in which the primary content is Rich-media, or blogs which need to host certain downloadable files on the same server. … Read more