Bulk Export WordPress Posts to Word DCOX Format with Aspose Doc Exporter

I was in the process of decommissioning several of my smaller blogs lately, but one blog in particular which is my poetry blog has important posts and original poems that I have created over the years and didn't want to lose.  I needed a way to export and save these off, but didn't want them [...]

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WordPress Plugin: AddToAny Compatible with Google AMP

Recently I ran into a problem when setting up my Wordpress sites for Google AMP support in that the share plugin I was using which puts social share buttons on all my posts and pages was rendering poorly in AMP pages.  The share buttons were bloated because they didn't use the proper code to constrain [...]

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Bring Instagram Feeds to Your Website with Instagram Feed WD

Instagram was launched as an iOS-only app back in 2010 and now it is among the leading social networks in the world. It beated Twitter in 2015 with over 400 million daily active users and more than 40 million shared photos every day and became the largest photo sharing platform worldwide. Instagram has become a [...]

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WordPress Plugin Review: PhotoDropper Makes Finding Blog Photos Easy

How do you find related images for your articles? Google is definitely the easiest option available but it may put your blog in danger if a scenario regarding the violation of copyrighted images occurs. You may think it doesn't happen so often but there are chances of getting into trouble by using such copyrighted images [...]

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AffiLinker-Automatically convert your keywords to affiliate links

A number of times, affiliate marketing bloggers face the situation where they want to include a particular affiliate link for products that target their respective keywords. It would seem easy when you just want to link 1-2 keywords in an article but gets hectic if numerous articles want to include links to those keywords. It [...]

Adding Google Analytics to your WordPress Blog

I have compiled a list of tips and helpful hints for anyone who needs to add Google Analytics code for your Wordpress blog.  Some of these tips were provided to me by my blog mentor Damien Riley especially about the WP-HEFO plugin.  I have been troubleshooting my Google Analytics for several days now, I originally [...]