World of Warcraft: Wrath of Lich King – The King is Back in a Pandemic Style 

In today’s article, I will make a small comparison between the newest Pandemic Game System, World Of Warcraft – Wrath of Lich King and the classic Pandemic. What are the differences ? Which one will suit you more? Themes: In Pandemic, the Earth suffers from not one but four different diseases represented by four colors (blue, black, red and yellow). Players must take on the role of one of the essential professions to save humanity. … Read more

Best MMORPGs Of All Time

MMORPGs are always a fun time for all and are surprisingly easy to get sucked into. Sure, we’ve seen quite a lack of good MMORPGs lately, but that doesn’t mean it’s a dead genre! In fact, here are some of the best MMORPGs that you could always fall back into.   Star Wars The Old Republic   Gather round, Star Wars fans! Star Wars The Old Republic is a free-to-play MMORPG that is now tweaked … Read more

The World of Warcraft: Shadowlands: The Most Recent News

If you love playing all World of Warcraft games and are looking for their gaming releases just as we do, then we have some good news to share with you. Thanks to the extra time, the MMORPG team managed to polish the endgame, the covenant system, and even the combat system. So you can dive into the game flow from the first seconds from the very start. The developers are grateful to the fans for … Read more

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Level Squish and How it Works

It is not hard to state that Blizzard is currently making some great changes in this field of World OfWarcraft. Players are currently looking for service providers to receive wow shadowlands boost because of the leveling. It includes one nice option for all the veteran players out there. The shadowland expansion is releasing in 2020 Q4 and this time, it is all about stepping up the game. The developer has already made his decision to … Read more

Hey Blizzard, The Azurite Lottery is Awful

Frankly, I just wanna voice my opinion on Blizzard, and their awful loot system, so please bear with me as I take you on the not so complex summary of the horrid grind of the Azerite Lottery. The residuum price is unfair, in the sense that if you can modestly pump-out ten to fourteen keys you’re looking at around four hundred and seventy azerite to not gamble. This is fine, but you’re looking at thirty … Read more

Different Worlds – What are WoW Expansions?

If you are new to WoW you might not know this, but the game is more than a decade old! The game was launched in 2004 and went major changes throughout these years. Those changes are built on previous content and are called “Expansion Packs”. Expansions are pieces of software that add content and changes to the game while maintaining some features intact. They expand upon the previous content of the game, adding weapons, characters, storyline … Read more

Check Out the World of Warcraft Board Game Monopoly Edition

Monopoly has been a game that a lot of families have played for many of years and for some, a game that a lot of people collect. The game has a ton of different types of boards from Family Guy to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. For those that are fans of World of Warcraft, this particular Monopoly board is for you. Introducing the World of Warcraft Monopoly Collectors Edition. This edition comes with six collectible … Read more

Glyph Atom Black 1TB SSD A1000BLK Review

Thumb drives are a dime a dozen now, coming in all shapes, sizes and speeds but it is really hard to find a good one.  Good speeds, sizes and shapes determine usually what drives we buy and this one might fit the bill.  Today we will be looking at the Glyph Atom Black 1TB SSD, yeah 1 terabyte of portable storage, but it is not a regular thumb drive.  Let’s check out the specifications first. … Read more

Western Digital’s WD Blue 500GB WDS500G1B0A SSD Review

We all want out computers to be the best PC they can be, be it for Gaming, Computer Aided Design, Basic Internet Browsing, Video and Music production and just about everything.  For everything I just mention, we need speed, yes even basic internet browsing needs some speed but some of those tasks require much more, but where do we begin?  Well, the processor is one thing, but as applications become better optimized, they are a … Read more