The Vampire Diaries –A Town in Trouble

Episode two of The Vampire Diaries was even better than the first.  So many things happened that it’s hard to know which is the most disturbing at this point.  Plus this is the first time almost all of them have been in the crosshairs of someone. Elena is not adjusting well to being a vampire since her body is rejecting all blood except straight from the vein human blood.  I never thought a vampire could … Read more

The Walking Dead Shuffles into a new season

If you have not seen the season 3 premier of The Walking Dead, stop reading right now; this has all kinds of spoilers.  For those who did watch it, were you shocked and relieved to see the time passage?  I know for me that has been weighing on my mind since the first season when the show seemed to be a day to day or hour to hour thing. Seeing Lori very pregnant was a … Read more

Fringe – The Final Chapter

The fifth and final season of Fringe has premiered and is picking up where the shark-jumping episode of season four, Letters of Transit, left off.  This last season of the science fiction series will only be a thirteen-episode season, much to the chagrin of its fans, which will hopefully give the show a good, plausible ending. If you haven’t seen the first two episodes yet (I was a little behind myself) then you might be … Read more

Supernatural – The Final Season?

Did you remember that Dean went to Purgatory at the end of Season 7 of Supernatural?  I know I forgot this, but it quickly came back to me when the show opened with Dean scaring some campers and him looking like hell, blood everywhere.  It wasn’t exactly a shock to see him make it back, for one the show wouldn’t exist without him, but the Winchester boys have gone below and come back before. However, … Read more

True Blood Finale Ends with a Chase

True Blood has ended for this season and fans won’t see it again until 2013; probably after the next season of Game of Thrones.  Part of the season ending was quite shocking and part was not.  Like most season finales of this show, based loosely off the books by Charlaine Harris, fans are left wondering just what in the heck will happen to their favorite characters. While the first season followed the first book fairly … Read more

New Season of Grimm Brings Lots of Surprises

With the first two opening episodes of Grimm viewed and the third shortly to be televised, you have to be thinking that this season will be even better than the first one.  After the first two episodes, that were a long two-night premier, we have more questions than answers and learned some things that were extremely surprising. You can tell that Nick is definitely more comfortable in his skin as a Grimm and ready to … Read more

Falling Skies Season 2 Episode 8: Death March Review

Note: Episode review contains minor spoilers. Charleston here we come! The 2nd Mass had to throw their roughest Hail Mary to date and scramble to make it to the promise land of Charleston.  Tom (Noah Wyle) took more of a backseat in the action and we got to the Mason kids run quite a bit of the show.  Of course things couldn’t be all hunky dory for the Masons and they had to stick the … Read more

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 4: Fifty-One Review

Note: Episode review contains minor spoilers. Happy fifty-first birthday Heisenberg, make a wish. If you thought Heisenberg was gone for good, you were dead wrong.  Like Samson growing his hair back, Walt (Bryan Cranston) was truly reunited with the one thing that made his bid for drug lord supreme…the black fedora hat.  This development of course slips by poor Walt Jr. (RJ Mitte), who is unfamiliar with daddy’s line of work, and is ecstatic to get … Read more

Whats Next for the NBC Grimm Supernatural Drama

The second season of Grimm will premiere on August 13.  For a supernatural drama show that started slow but then gained a huge audience, an early premiere is quite a feat.  Anyone who missed the first season, or those that just want to catch up, can find all of season 1 on NBC’s website.  What will the new season be like though? Before we look ahead, you can do a quick recap with this seven-minute … Read more

Warehouse 13 Season 4 to Be the Best Yet

Warehouse 13 arrived with a bang last Monday in the season premier where the gang had to find something that reversed time to make the warehouse not blown up.  On one hand, the episode was intense because their numbers kept dwindling as they went from place to place but on the other, it was predictable because if they hadn’t found the components there would have been no warehouse and thus no Warehouse 13 show.  However, … Read more

Game of Thrones Gets Several Emmy Award Nominations

The Emmy Award nominees were announced this week and HBO’s series Game of Thrones received several.  Perhaps not nearly as many as fans of the show, based off the George R.R. Martin A Song of Ice and Fire novels, would have liked but any recognition is better than being shut out completely. The competition in several of the categories is fairly still, unfortunately, so Game of Thrones may not walk away with too many of these … Read more

Bittersweet 10 year Anniversary for Firefly

The San Diego Comic-Con this year had a panel with several Firefly cast members and others involved in the show.  November will be the 10th anniversary of the show premiere.  The show initially aired on Fox TV; out of order and switching the night it played; but was recently acquired by Science.  General Manager and Executive Vice President of Science Debbie Myers says “Firefly is a landmark work of science fiction and a favorite with … Read more

Falling Skies Season 2 Episode 6: Homecoming Review

Note: Episode review contains minor spoilers. Looks like we have some trouble in paradise.  Episode 6 opened with the unsettling shots of Captain Weaver (Will Patton) collapsing to the floor as his veins began to bulge in violet canyons across his body.  I really have to give it to the effects and makeup team for the job they did illustrating this alien infection taking over him.  Lo and behold that is not the only violent … Read more

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 1: Live Free or Die Review

Note: Episode review contains minor spoilers. The camera doesn’t lie. Welcome back to another face melting season of Breaking Bad, those who have not caught up with the show can read our past reviews starting here.  According to Walt (Bryan Cranston), the whole issue with Gus and his gang is summed up in two words, “I won.”  Won, eh ‒ then what’s this whole business in a bathroom of a diner and the flowing locks of … Read more

Falling Skies Season 2 Episode 5: Love and Other Acts of Courage Review

Note: Episode review contains minor spoilers. Episode 5 chalked up some pleasantly surprising moments.  Ben (Connor Jessup) is really starting to come out of his shell and finding his own way of dealing with the Skitters.  His brother Hal (Drew Roy) naturally continues to look after the camp and dig up the necessary medical supplies for Dr. Glass.  Interestingly enough, each of these life or death missions provide him plenty of time to try and … Read more

Falling Skies Season 2 Episode 4: Young Bloods Review

Note: Episode review contains minor spoilers. Who says only adults should have all the Skitter killing fun?    Matt (Maxim Knight), much to the displeasure of his father Tom (Noah Wyle), is up for a bit of Skitter demolition and doesn’t mind acting as live bait.  Meanwhile, Hal (Drew Roy) and Ben (Connor Jessup) conduct their scouting missions and come upon a heavily guarded harness production factory.  What, no line of poor defenseless masses streaming inside?  … Read more

Falling Skies Season 2 Episode 3: Compass Review

Note: Episode review contains minor spoilers. Second Mass prepares to endure a harsh winter with the Skitters in this episode of Falling Skies.  Tom (Noah Wyle) still harbors self doubts about his loyalties while Captain Weaver (Will Patton) claps him on the back in support.  It’s quite obvious that Weaver has a real desire to be in a fatherly role again.   While the comradery between Tom and Weaver is admirable, it like many of the … Read more

Falling Skies Season 2 Premiere Review

Note: Episode review contains minor spoilers. The Resistance is still hanging tough heading into the second season of Falling Skies.  In a Hail Mary play Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) steps aboard the Skitter ship as Captain Weaver (Will Patton) looks on in shock and wonder.  Fast forward 3 months after this bold decision, we see the likes of Pope (Colin Cunningham) at the front lines of a squad rallying them on with the war cry … Read more

Breaking Bad Finale Season 4 Review

Note: Episode review contains substantial spoilers. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly [easyazon_image asin=”B005CKPQHA” alt=”Breaking Bad Season 4 Sneak Peek” src=”” align=”right” width=”300″ height=”225″] “I won.” These two simple words are still haunting me after seeing the Breaking Bad season 4 finale ‘Face Off.’  Walt (Bryan Cranston) is now in the position of power he always wanted ‒ Top Dog.  Getting there certainly wasn’t pretty and the searing shot of Gus’ (Giancarlo Esposito) Two-Face … Read more