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Windows 7 Tip: Select Start Up Programs Using MSConfig.exe

Do you frequently install and uninstall programs on your Windows 7 installed computer? How many of those programs slow down your system start-up by getting executed as soon as you log on to Windows? How many of those programs do you actually use on a daily basis? Starting up Windows 7 can be made several times faster just by reducing the number of non-essential programs that are included in the start-up list. Some typical programs … Read more

Windows 7 Tips: Select Default Boot OS and Boot Menu Timeout

  Do you have multiple installations of Windows 7 on your computer? Do you have to select the old installation most of the time before timeout? In this post we shall learn how to quickly change the default Windows 7 Operating System installation to boot when there are multiple instances on the computer. We shall also learn how to easily change the boot OS selection menu timeout from within Windows 7.   How to Change … Read more

Windows 8 Series: Effect of Windows 8 Promotion on Windows 7 Sales

Quite contrary to the situation with Windows Vista and Windows 7 in 2008, Microsoft faces the challenge of promoting Windows 8 for its fast approaching commercial release while not affecting the rising sales of Windows 7, its most successful OS till date in terms of sheer volume. While it was tough enough getting people to try and switch over to Windows 7 after the disappointing experience with Vista, it is expected to be even tougher … Read more

Windows 8 Series: Is Windows 8 another Vista?

Microsoft has been ruling the global computer OS (Operating System) market for the past couple of decades. Whatever be their business strategy, people have grown to like and depend on various Windows OS computers. Even after the release of Windows Vista and Windows 7, there are probably millions of computers still running on Windows XP! The reluctance to use cheaper and more frequently updated OS alternatives like Linux and Mac OS X is mainly due … Read more

Windows App Store

Even Apple was never able to predict the amount of success that the Apple Store would bring them. Google have also taken this idea and allowed the user to download software to their Google Chrome operating system. Microsoft have always been left behind in this respect, the full release of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system will send Microsoft hurtling back into the fray however, it will enable users to access the digital Windows App … Read more

How to Use Task Manager in Windows 8

No matter how advanced the operating system there is one thing that has always looked similar for Windows Operating Systems and that is the task manager. Currently it is just a dull grey box which is confusing to read for a user. As computers become more advanced and having more software at our disposal it has become increasingly more common for users to tackle the windows task manager for themselves. In order to make the … Read more

Windows 8 Feature: Windows To Go

Very soon the latest incarnation of the world’s most popular operating system will hit. Windows 8 is unlike any of the other operating systems before it, the whole interface has gone through a number of changes as well as inclusion of a variety of new features. One of the most exciting features that have currently been announced is ‘Windows to Go’. This brand new feature will allow you to have Windows 8 no matter what … Read more

Can IE 10 Help Microsoft Keep Up with the Competitors?

As millions of people now use the internet on a daily it seems browser choice is becoming a regular topic in online conversation. At one point in time it almost seemed as if no other firm would be able to compete with the ever powerful Microsoft Corporation, however recent years statistics have shown otherwise. It now seems that there is almost fair share of usage between the 3 major browsers on the web. Mozilla Firefox … Read more

Windows Mobility Center Shortcut – Windows 7 Tips

Windows+X is a relatively unknown though quite useful shortcut for Windows 7 users with Laptops and Netbooks. It’s a single combination shortcut to the Windows Mobility Center. You get direct access to the Screen Display Brightness Control, Audio/Volume Control, Battery Status and Power Plan Selection, External Display Selection, Windows Sync Center Settings and Presention Mode Control. Let us take a look at the individual usefulness of each of these Controls. Screen Display Brightness Control: Usually … Read more

Microsoft Unveils Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Microsoft Corporation has finally announced the latest Windows operating, the Windows 8, at a press event held at MWC 2012, Barcelona. The new OS is now available in the form of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, which can be downloaded by users from here. The main idea behind all this was to give Windows users a feel of the upcoming operating system and experience the new features and interface on which the company has working on … Read more