Google Puts Down 9 Apps from Playstore for Stealing Facebook Credentials

As reported by security researchers at Dr.Web, Google has taken down nine applications from the official Google Play Store due to the malicious acts from these apps using specialized operations to get users’ Facebook credentials without their knowing. What they did was basically as similar as what phishing platforms generally do. By tricking users into a link to input Facebook information for disabling in-app ads, all these applications can get their information pretty easily. They’ve been using … Read more

5 Up-To-Date YouTube Statistics for Your Marketing Strategy In 2021

According to the most recent YouTube statistics, the site boasts an average of 2.3 billion monthly active users who log in using their Google credentials. Since a Google account is not required to access YouTube, we estimate that the real number of YouTube users is higher. This offers businesses an ideal audience to target their marketing strategies. A well-thought-out YouTube strategy enables a business to produce videos that are specifically targeted to its audience. A … Read more

Handy Photo Editing Tools for Your Social Media Content

If you’re trying to grow your online presence then you have to include social media into your strategy. Of course, you might want to focus on one platform or use several. Either way, a free online collage maker can allow you to download directly into your preferred social media platform. First, though, customize your college so that it represents you and your brand with the right colors and features. Top Free Online Collage Maker Tools … Read more

Creating a safer world around your child with FamiSafe location tracker

if you are wondering where will your child be now and whether he has stated the wrong place to you, must go to visit our official site of Wondershare FamiSafe parental control app that helps the parents and controlling and protecting their child from the threats of the unimaginable world. you can easily find out where is your child now and what is he or she doing with the help of the location control app … Read more

How to Protect Your Gadgets from Data Loss in 2020?

If the data is the gold of our time, then any information is subject to sale. Social platforms disclose your patterns of behavior for advertising campaigns, however, we may never know how this information will be used further. On the black market, attackers sell and buy digital personalities, that is, people’s accounts. But the most dangerous is the leak of your financial and business information. How to secure your data in 2020? Read more about … Read more

Culling Email Contact Lists in Brevo to Save Money

Running an email mailing list is an expense that nearly all internet stores and brands have to deal with and even with the extremely affordable rates of brevo compared to some email mailing list providers you still end up paying a lot per year, especially if you use a dedicated IP address and all the fancy features you can get with an email platform online.  One of the biggest ways to save money and prevent … Read more

How to Adapt Your Website to Multiple Platforms and Browsers

With the acceleration of technological development, we have seen a dramatic shift in how people view and use the web since its early commercial inception during the 90s. It’s safe to assume that at least 90% of the mainstream internet is easily accessible from a mobile device, namely a tablet or a smartphone. And, of course, the desktop/laptop still rules as king of the internet. For now. The ongoing trends tend to put mobile on … Read more

How the use of AI technology has helped Facebook tackle hate speech and YouTube create an infinite music video

Over the past few years, Artificial Intelligence has gained significant momentum. It has provided organizations who have been open to using it and implementing it in their business, an advantage over those who are not. The graph below outlines some of the main reasons why businesses decide to adopt the use of AI in 2017. (Source- Statista) The attraction for AI technology is that it is capable of managing large amounts of data in many … Read more

How Technology Can Make Your Life Easier

We are all somewhat aware of how much technology has affected many of our daily tasks and activities. Technology automates and simplifies a lot of processes and is generally meant to make a lot of things easier for us on the daily. However, not everyone is completely aware of all the advantages, that comes with technology and how they can make more use of these advantages in their everyday life. If this applies to you, … Read more

Can AI Writer Create Decent Tech News Articles?

As I am always curious about the recent developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning particularly in the blogging and entertainment space, I decided to check out  a free AI generated article at AI Writer and I wanted to see just how well it could do if I just feed it a heading of AMD Ryzen 5000 CPU and see what kind of content it can curate from scratch.  Now this isn’t submitting an entire … Read more

Overview of Drupal: Pros and Cons for an Online Store

Choosing a CMS for an online store is a difficult task. It is impossible to launch a good e-commerce platform without it. It should be convenient for the site administrator to use it and for the visitors to make purchases. Today, we invite you to take a look at Drupal as one of the best CMS for e-commerce. So, let’s start with a general review. General Review The online store CMS plays a crucial role … Read more

5 Best Custom Web App Development Software

Are you looking for the best software available that are specialized in custom web app development? If yes, then you have just landed at the right spot, because in this article we have reviewed twelve of the best custom web app development software that will uplift your business website a little more and will enhance the experience of every customer visiting your site. Now without wasting any other minute and let’s begin with the review, … Read more

What is E2E Testing?

E2E testing is a software testing technique that testers employ to make sure that applications work as they should, but doesn’t the majority of testing techniques do just this? What is E2E testing and how does it differ from the other types of testing methods? Why is it important and when should a tester perform E2E tests? These are questions that we’ll answer in this short read.  If you need to get some mobile testing … Read more

The Antivirus Software That Are Actually Harmful to Your OS

Antivirus software is a common name assigned to defensive applications that execute filtering and recovery operations developed against viruses. In order to identify and remove viruses on your computer, these applications use different approaches. Actually, we have been learning about what antivirus applications are doing. So, is it really needed? The solution to this question is by the consumer entirely. To answer whether an antivirus program is needed, the web pages the user regularly visits, … Read more

What Is React.Js And Why Is It So Popular?

React.js is amongst the most favorite technologies in the present time. Although for a detailed description one does require an in-depth knowledge of JavaScript and HTML. But one should first learn about some of the basics on React, especially if you are a beginner. React: What is it? The development team of Facebook had made React in the year 2013. This can be considered as a library of JavaScript. React helps in making the user … Read more

Reasons to quit the job and work as a freelance developer

There are several reasons as to why one has to quit full-time jobsas a software developer and start to experience the lives as freelancers. When you become a freelance software developer at dormzi or other businesses, you do not have to restrict yourself only to developing projects related to software development. You can also try your hands on the other areas of expertise where you feel that you can offer your services confidently. Know more … Read more

What is the best internet security for 2020?

The internet has given users a lot of freedom by creating a global village. It is easy to forget how this global network makes the user susceptible to cyberattacks and other online threats. The risks faces range from data loss to virus infections and financial loss to identity theft. All these aspects can bring your life to a halt, hence the importance of investing in an internet security program. To be able to guarantee your safety … Read more

How To Install React Native On Windows

Hi, readership! This article is a helpful guide about how to install React Native on Windows. React Native is a JavaScript framework that allows you to build mobile applications across platforms, so you build it in JavaScript and then you run it through the compiler. Then it will generate it in Android or iOS. Before we begin, I have to say that I will show how to install all the necessary components that are required … Read more

Online Scam 2020 Updates: Phishing, Scareware, and Man-in-the-middle Attacks

Nobody doubts that 2020 is being a turbulent year. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of people have had to stay at home, by their own confinement or even designated by their companies to work from home. Other companies have not been so lucky and had to close, putting their employees out of work in absolute need. This volatile climate has led to an upsurge in telematics crimes and online scams. This new rise in … Read more