Which Antivirus Software To Select In 2020?

In this day and age where technology rules the world, it is important to have strong and foolproof precautionary measures against malicious software and viruses. One of the most common reasons for failures or problems in computers is the lack of antivirus software, or expired antivirus software. It is an issue that is often overlooked [...]

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Best Recommendations: Top Free Antivirus Software Coming in 2020

An antivirus is sophisticated software for detecting and combating viruses. The primary purpose of such applications is to prevent system infection and to remove viruses and malware from the file directories. Each antivirus app does its job but in its particular way. The main criteria to understand the reliability of antivirus software are safety level, [...]

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Best Antivirus for Windows

As with choices for a lot of other things, various users who own Windows devices continue to seek the best antivirus protection for their devices and information. Below is a brief list of the best antivirus protection for Windows including the highly rated NOD32 Antivirus. Norton Antivirus Plus This antivirus protection has proven to be [...]

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Best Antiviruses Suitable for Gamers

Being a gamer, you certainly would not want anything to disturb you in the middle of your gaming experience on your PC. As a result of which, at times, you have to make a difficult choice – whether to protect your personal computer using an antivirus or to enjoy a smooth gaming experience. However, with [...]

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Significant Benefits of Using Bullguard for Computer Security

In the digital era which we live in today, computer and cyber security has become increasingly important. Every day, unauthorized users (hackers) are learning new tricks to gain control of and get access to different users’ personal and confidential data. For that purpose, keeping them out of the way and away from your data should [...]

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6 Key Ways To Know If You’ve Been Hacked By A Computer Virus

Today, with millions of us depending on the internet for work, education, entertainment and socialising, it has become a backbone of sorts, for all things communication. While offering a plethora of advantages and benefits, it is easy to forget that, like all things, the internet too has a dark side. While the number of web [...]

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Highly Reviewed Antivirus Mobile Application

When it comes to protecting your personal information whilst browsing the web, you most likely have an antivirus program on your computer or tablet already. However, have you considered that your mobile devices also need protection? After all, we use our smartphones for just about everything in today's day in age. When it comes to [...]

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Advanced Antivirus Technology for the New Era

Over the years antivirus software has undergone great changes. Today traditional antivirus wouldn't work effectively as regards blocking threats and protecting systems/networks. Instead, it's more of a multi-pronged approach, with advanced antivirus technology at its base,  that's required to protect systems. This multi-pronged approach would perhaps involve the latest of technologies, including vigilant updates, bug [...]

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Top 2016 Antivirus Solutions That Would Be Appropriate for your PC

What’s the best antivirus of 2016? Well, that’s the question many of you are asking. You want the best security solution for your PC and laptops. You want an antivirus program that: provides protection without slowing down your computer, protects your personal information and identity, and successfully blocks, removes, neutralizes, and prevent any malware infection. [...]

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Protect 3 PCs with One Copy of McAfee Total Protection 2014

There is one thing to be said about a total protection software from McAfee and that is that it does try to really cover everything.  Not only does it keep zero day threats at bay, but it scans constantly to keep your system free of malware and Trojans.  The software also includes file and folder [...]

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Review of the FixMeStick and Giveaway

We have done reviews of antivirus and anti-malware software before here on DragonBlogger.com but the idea behind the FixMeStick virus removal device was one of it's biggest selling points. In some cases your computer may be so infected with viruses or malware that your existing antivirus software may also become altered so that it will [...]

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Universal Security for Tablets Phones and Computers

  Despite being protected with multiple anti-virus software programs, firewalls and being more careful whenever clicking on links like doing link previewers for shortened URLs...etc I still see an occasional malware popup from my Antivirus software on occasion from a freeware file I downloaded and wanted to test and review for my readers. It isn't [...]

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