8 Days of Gadgets Flash Sale over at Gearbest

  Gearbest is having an 8 day flash sale on some great gadgets that range from headphones to smartwatches and more. from March 8th until March 15. The Vidonn X6S Smart Watch Detachable Dial Wristband for only $26.99 is one deal example. But you can also get Action cams, like the W9C 1080p action cam for only $32.99 during the sale period too! Headphones, earbuds and other listening devices are also in abundant supply during the flash sale.  Whether … Read more

The Golden XiaoMi Mi5 Now on Presale at Gearbest

The incredibly powerful XiaoMi Mi5 smartphone is now on sale over at gearbest at a pre-order price of $439.99.  The XiaoMi Mi5 sports the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 64bit Quad Core processor and also the Adreno 530 GPU so that it can play the latest games and video.  With 3GB of RAM you won’t have issues with games or applications loading or multitasking either. The standard model comes with 32GB ROM but you can buy models … Read more

Gearbest MWC 2016 Sale and XAOMI MI 5 Giveaway

As Mobile World Congress 2016 hits Gearbest has done something unique in tailoring a sale that helps showcase phones over years and deals that you can use to find/save on the phone that you want.   This means you get to see the popular phone technologies over the years and get some amazing deals on phones including some smartwatches as you progress through the years. Introducing the MWC 2016 Sale over at Gearbest Scroll through the … Read more

HOMTOM’s HT Series Smartphone: A Welcome Relief From The Hype Of Other Brands

    Why Pay For Hype? When all the smoke cleared on that last PR ladened major release from a certain large Smartphone provider not much changed in the world of Smartphones. Let’s face what you really want is a Smartphone that gets the job done and is reliable and has the features you want and need. Well, HOMTOM has that all for you and at a price that might just surprise you after seeing … Read more

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Heart Rate Wristband on Sale

Sometimes you don’t need or want a overly complicated Smartwatch to distract you from the simple things, like monitoring your heart rate while working out.  This is where something like the ultra-affordable Xiaomi MI Band 1S comes in. With the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Heart Rate Wristband you get a live real time heart monitor, that makes it much easier to track your work outs and make sure you are hitting that target BPM to ensure … Read more

Get Coupons Early for Gearbest Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Up to 60% off selected products this weekend and you can start getting the coupons now! Share with all your friends and you will receive coupons for Black Friday and Cyber Monday on tablets, Quad Copters, Smartwatches, 4G phones and much much more! Go to the Gearbest website and see for yourself. The BIGGEST sales of 2015 are one click away. And there’s more. Once you’ve paid for your goods, as long as you have spent … Read more

The Lenovo K3 Note: What You Need to Know

    Nowadays, the smartphone market is changing. With the rising popularity of these devices, manufacturers are switching their focus to provide consumers with more bang for the buck. No longer is there a clear distinction between the higher and lower models, and a ton of great affordable smartphones, like the Lenovo K3 Note, were released this year. Although the K3 Note looks great on paper, how does it handle normal usage? How do you … Read more

The Oukitel K4000 Specifications Confirmed Now on Pre-Sale

    The Oukitel K4000 smartphone has officially been released online for pre-sale at $119.99. Oukitel is pre-selling the K4000 online at the early discounted price. The pre-sale offer was launched on September 22 and runs till October 20. Some very intriguing features of the phone include super battery capacity of 4000mAh, which is capable of sustaining power for 5 days on normal use, 2.5 days on heavy use, and 20 days when on standby. … Read more

Featuring the Ulefone Paris Android Smartphone

If you’re looking for a high-performance smartphone which doesn’t cost a fortune, look no further than the Ulefone Paris. This Android device is available in white and black and has speedy 4G connectivity. It comes unlocked so can be purchased anywhere in the world, and the Ulefone Paris also comes with dual SIM technology. The beautiful design and powerful hardware makes this a desirable smartphone for all. This Ulefone model runs on the Android 5.1 … Read more

Enter to win the Zeblaze Rover Toughened Smartwatch

Gearbest wound up sending us 2 Zeblaze Rover smartwatches, so James did a review of one of them and the other we got permission to run as a giveaway for one lucky fan! This watch has a premium leather strap instead of the silicone bands and is more comfortable to wear if you prefer leather.  It also pairs with iOS or Android and gives you a bunch of functions on your watch that spare you … Read more

What you need to know about the Doogee F5 smartphone

    The Doogee F5 smartphone is fitted with a 5.5 inch IPS screen display that has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. The large screen display is perfect for users who love to chat, browse the internet, capture videos and play games.The smartphone is powered by an MTK 64bit Octa core processor which is paired with a Mali T-720 GPU which not only makes app information processing faster but it allows you to … Read more

Top Selling Smart Watches over at Gearbest

  iMacwear M7 Smart watch industry is becoming the order of the day. This is because many people are switching over to these computer watches. The best of such watches can be found at gearbest.com. These watches are not only affordable at gearbest; they can ship to you without extra charges. The best smart watches you can get from gearbest include iMacwear M7 smart watches. When you look at its great features, you would discover … Read more

Beelink GTQ TV Box and UKB 500 Mini Wireless Keyboard

So all you cord cutters out there or wanna be cord cutters must have used or researched many options to get video to your TV(s). I myself have done so and am doing so all the time.  My family and have been cord cutting for a few months now and I have been researching on and off for years.  I don’t think the research ever really ends so I continue. As I continue to look … Read more

ZTE Nubia Z7 Showcase over at Gearbest

ZTE Nubia Z7 Showcase The ZTE Nubia Z7 offers a 5.5 inch screen with Quad HD resolution. While the design is somewhat standard, it does offer a number of features that make it more appealing, such as rounded corners and a matte, soft-touch finish. Both of these new features make this phone extremely comfortable when held. One of the more unique aspects is the bright red home button. Inside the ZTE Nubia Z7 This android … Read more

Featuring the Kingzone N5 Smartphone from Gearbest

The Kingzone N5 Smartphone is one of the latest mobile devices to become popular within the mobile market. It is a thin and stylish mobile device that is built from metal and comes in a range of different colors, including cool pinks and bright greens. The phone has been designed to look sleek and will easily fit into a pocket or a bag. The surface of the phone has been created with a material that … Read more

Featuring the XIAOMI MI4 5.0 Inch from Gearbest

  It’s hard to find all the options that you want in a good smartphone without the phone costing an arm and a leg. Most of the time, you’re either stuck in a long, unfair contract, or you’re stuck with an inferior phone that you don’t really like for months, sometimes even years. Instead of getting a poor quality phone with no power, get the XIAOMI MI4 android smartphone- with 4G service and Android 4.4 … Read more

Featuring the OUKITEL U10 Android Smartphone

When it comes to finding a smartphone that is different from the dozens of others that are on the market, you can sometimes find yourself searching for the things that make a particular model different. Sometimes this can be a real chore. Other times, you are lucky enough to find exactly what you are looking for almost immediately. This is the case with the Oukitel U10 smartphone. This is a brand new phone that can … Read more

Featuring the XIAOMI MI4I

You have to love a phone that has Wireless AC which is so much faster if you have a compatible router than Wireless N and by a long shot.  Well the XIAOMI MI4I is an unlocked dual SIM 4G Smartphone that has Wireless AC and much more at a cost that will make you consider this phone instead of phones that are 3x as expensive and have the same or fewer features. The XIAOMI MI4I boasts having … Read more