KingDian S280 240GB SSD Review With Benchmarks

Check out my overview of the KingDian S280 SSD before reading further: Hey guys, coming in pretty late with this, but a few weeks ago I received the KingDian S280 240GB SSD, I have had the chance to install Windows 10 on it, play some games, and use it day to day. What I [...]

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Xiaomi Smart Summer Sale over at Gearbest

Xiaomi is becoming a major player in the technology space and their technology products are getting quite diverse over the last few years.  It was only in the past 6 months that here at DragonBlogger we started receiving Xiaomi devices to start reviewing including Bluetooth speakers, headsets, smartwatches and more is coming. Right now over [...]

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Gearbest Now With US Warehouse for Faster Free Delivery

Great news folks, Gearbest who provides some great options for smartphones, android tablets, Bluetooth Accessories, drones and so much more now announced they have their US-based warehouse and which items can be purchased and shipped from the US-LA based warehouse.  This allows you to order products from Gearbest and know you can have it arrive [...]

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Blackview BV6000 4G Smartphone in a GearBest Rock Special

Many of us have been there... looking for a powerful phone that is feature packed. We find that one phone and get hyped up about it. Then, our mind changes once we see that price tag. Darn it! Why can't we actually get an awesome smartphone that can keep up with growing technology without costing [...]

Xiaomi Mi Speaker Review with Video Test

The other day I was browsing some pages on online shopping site GearBest, when I stumbled across the Xiaomi Mi speaker. I immediately loved the design of the speaker and wanted to get my hands on it. So we reached out to GearBest in hopes of doing just that and we just received it last [...]

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UMI Touch Review with 3GB RAM a Metal Case and Low Price

I recently had the opportunity to introduce to you a budget smartphone with a beautiful design and powerful hardware called the UMI Touch. Maybe you have not heard about this Chinese company, lately we have more and more phones from China so in other words this is nothing unusual. I must admit that I am [...]

Gearbest Mothers Day Sale

When I was a child, moms liked cards, hand drawn from their child, flowers and boxes of chocolates that were usually eaten by their kids. Husbands would by them appliances to help make home life easier, or the all-time favorite, frying pan, but times have changed. Today’s moms are into electronics, mechanics, and a whole [...]

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ZTE Axon Elite International Edition Available at Half Price now on GearBest

The Axon smartphone was introduced in July, and from what we can see it is an elite phone with powerful hardware.  The  ZTE Axon Elite is now on sale at GearBest online shop with almost 50% discount using a coupon code which makes this a fantastic deal. Coupon: ZTEAXON price: $199.99 (HK Warehouse) or coupon: [...]

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Doogee Y300: Metal Case and 2GB RAM for only $130!

If you read tech news about smartphones and similar gadgets than we are pretty sure that you have heard at least once about Chinese company Doogee. They have many different models and the latest phone is Doogee Y300 which will be interesting for many because it has a very low price of around $130 and at [...]

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Popular Webshop Gearbest Celebrates Second Birthday

Gearbest is certainly one of the most popular online shops when it comes to buying smartphones, watches, tablets or other gadgets. On the occasion of its second anniversary, the company decided to reduce the prices of a number of devices, announced a sweepstakes where you can win really cool gadgets. But to be involved in [...]

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8 Days of Gadgets Flash Sale over at Gearbest

  Gearbest is having an 8 day flash sale on some great gadgets that range from headphones to smartwatches and more. from March 8th until March 15. The Vidonn X6S Smart Watch Detachable Dial Wristband for only $26.99 is one deal example. But you can also get Action cams, like the W9C 1080p action cam for only $32.99 during [...]

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Gearbest MWC 2016 Sale and XAOMI MI 5 Giveaway

As Mobile World Congress 2016 hits Gearbest has done something unique in tailoring a sale that helps showcase phones over years and deals that you can use to find/save on the phone that you want.   This means you get to see the popular phone technologies over the years and get some amazing deals on phones [...]

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HOMTOM’s HT Series Smartphone: A Welcome Relief From The Hype Of Other Brands

    Why Pay For Hype? When all the smoke cleared on that last PR ladened major release from a certain large Smartphone provider not much changed in the world of Smartphones. Let's face what you really want is a Smartphone that gets the job done and is reliable and has the features you want [...]

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Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Heart Rate Wristband on Sale

Sometimes you don't need or want a overly complicated Smartwatch to distract you from the simple things, like monitoring your heart rate while working out.  This is where something like the ultra-affordable Xiaomi MI Band 1S comes in. With the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Heart Rate Wristband you get a live real time heart monitor, that [...]

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Get Coupons Early for Gearbest Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Up to 60% off selected products this weekend and you can start getting the coupons now! Share with all your friends and you will receive coupons for Black Friday and Cyber Monday on tablets, Quad Copters, Smartwatches, 4G phones and much much more! Go to the Gearbest website and see for yourself. The BIGGEST sales of [...]

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