5 Easy Gift Ideas for the Tech Loving Man

Every year you have the same question, what can I get the man in my life for Christmas or his birthday? There’s so much choice out there, but sometimes this can just add to the problem. So, here are some easy gift ideas for those of you who know a tech loving man. Smart Watch If you’re looking for something your loved one can take anywhere and that can do virtually anything, then a smart … Read more

Best Geeky Gifts That Should be on your Xmas Wishlist

In order to get prepared for the upcoming Christmas shopping spree and choose the right product for your loved ones, you have to do a bit of research. Most people have trouble choosing the right tech products as gifts and as time comes they often choose the less satisfying products. The best way is to plan what you will choose a gift for your special person on time. Pre-ordering tech can also save you a … Read more

5 Perfect Tech Gift Ideas for People Who Appreciate Practical Gifts

When we are young, practical gifts are the worst, I mean, which kid wants a pencil box or a set of crayons as a gift?! You probably want to get some toy or video game. But as you grow older, practical gifts start making a lot more sense, they help you out, and you actually use them for a good part of time. These days everything is becoming influenced by modern technology. Tech has created … Read more

Top 10 Ideas For Perfect Tech Gifts  

Christmas season is here and everyone is getting a bit worried about what they are going to buy for their friends, family and significant others. They are scouring through the stores and looking for something perfect, but that’s hard to find. But, have you thought about some tech gifts? Here are your best options:  Kindle Paperwhite 2018   This is a great gift for any friend or family member who loves reading. This is a … Read more

More Christmas Tech Gift Ideas in 2017

With Christmas fast approaching, it is time to start stressing about what to buy everyone. Here are some tech gift ideas that will hopefully make your gift giving a little easier this year. Sphero Star Wars BB-8 This is a dream for Star Wars fans. You control the BB-8 using an app on your phone. You can also wear the watch and turn him into “The Force” mode and use the force to push him … Read more

Check Out These Gearbest 2017 Best Sellers

  With 2017 coming to a close, you might be wondering what the best sellers were throughout the tech world. Gearbest is one of the top sites for buying technology products, and here were the best sellers throughout 2017. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 5.5 inch 4G Phablet The Xiaomi Redmi Note is unlocked for worldwide use. With a 5.5 inch screen, it’s the perfect size for people on the go. It has 4 GB RAM … Read more

Holiday Gadget Ideas for Men

With the holiday season right around the corner, people are starting to shop online for their loved ones (and of course, for themselves). While there are tons of options available online, here are some of the best gadgets that are sure to be a favorite for men this holiday season. 1. Amazon Echo The Amazon Echo is a perfect gift for someone who wants hands-free help. You’ve probably seen the ads with the, “Hey Alexa!” … Read more

Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans

With a new Star Wars movie out, everyone will be looking to get all new toys and gadgets. I will be going to see the movie in a couple of days and can’t wait. Here are some top star Wars must haves. Star Wars The Black Series Risk Game I just recently got this game and it is so much fun. There are many different ways to attack from both sides, so strategy is key. … Read more

5 Gifts Under $100 for the Holiday Season

Today, in the article, I will be showcasing five great gifts that are under $100 for the 2016 Holiday Season. These were pulled from Amazon and I chose them for various reasons. They are not going to be listed in any particular order. Christmas time can be a very hectic time of year and, hopefully, some of these suggestions can ease the stress when it comes to shopping for your loved ones. Lexar Professional 1000x … Read more

Top 10 Best Looking And Creative USB Hubs

Recently we did an article on the best and most creative looking USB flash drives available out there. And now as we approach near one of the most awaited events of the year, I’m pretty sure there would be plenty of Santa’s dropping hardware loot under the Christmas tree this Christmas, if you’ve been a good boy/girl that is. The hardware loot might include some or most devices which uses USB ports as input/output. And … Read more