How to Properly Clean Your iPad?

Who doesn’t love to flaunt their latest Apple products? We all do! But at times, it can become a bit of a hassle to keep them clean and shiny forever. Not anymore. Here are a few easy and the most effective ways to clean your iPad and maintain it on the go: 1. Cleaning the …

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Make Chrome Faster

Google Chrome is easily the best browser out there and most people including me use it as my default browser on all my devices. Thanks to the V8 JavaScript Engine and multi-process architecture, Chrome is blazing fast and the User Interface is dead simple to use and navigate. While we are talking about speed, let me …

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Know the password of your WiFi network

Many times my computer is connected to a WiFi network but I don’t remember the password for it now. This is something I have experienced a lot. Often, I am using the teacher’s WiFi network of my college and the administrator himself enters the password without revealing it to me, and sometimes some of my cousins do the same. Faced a similar situation and you want to connect a second device but don’t know or remember the password? You can obviously ask the admin about the password or you can find it yourself.