Who Actually Needs The World’s Most Expensive Smartwatch?

No one who simply thinks that a watch is for telling the time, that’s for sure. When longstanding Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer released its first smartwatch in 2015 – the Connected Modular – the world practically gave a collective shrug and went back to using the (ultimately far superior) Apple Watch or you know, regular timepieces that don’t cost a fortune. For whatever reason, TAG Heuer believes that now is the moment to release … Read more

Luxury Review: Rolex Sea Dweller 126660

The Rolex Deep Sea has been updated once again this year with the Sea Dweller 126660 Deep Sea Blue. For the most part it’s all small, but very sharp visual upgrades. Many of them in fact, are hard to notice to the casual watch enthusiast. The biggest change in my mind is the switch to the 3235 movement. This is an existing movement, but a new addition to the Deep Sea. The hype from Basel … Read more

Runme Fitband Watch the Best Fitband Under $50!?

This is a review of the Runme Fitband which was sent to me to review and I can tell you right now at the start of the review that this is by far the best fitband that I have reviewed in the under $50 price category right away.  In a fitness band what you want is not only a step tracker but you want a sleep tracker and a band that has a long battery … Read more

Tikker Watch Review: How Much Time Do You Have Left?

Every once in a while I get an odd product to review and the Tikker watch falls under that category for me.  This is not your average watch, while it does tell the time, the Tikker watch is all about raising awareness about how much time you have left. The top 2 rows of numbers are count down timers for Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute and Second on how much time you have left.  The … Read more

Showcasing the Oukitel A29 Smartwatch

Are you looking for a piece of classy but inexpensive wearable tech? Check out the Oukitel A29 smartwatch which provides superb value for those on a budget. This attractive device is avaiable in golden, gray and silver. The Oukitel A29 can be connected to either your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth 4.0. Once linked, the smartwatch has the ability to make calls, play music as well as access and send messages. The budget smartwatch … Read more

Showcasing the SMA-Q E-Paper Smartwatch

  The SMA-Q E-Paper Smartwatch is a fashionable piece of wearable tech which will bring class to any wearer. Available in four different colours – black, khaki, red and blue – this unisex watch has a design which will suit anybody. You can also adjust the watch to suit your style. The device has a variety of dials and layouts which can be easily changed to help get you the perfect look. Perhaps you want … Read more

No. 1 Phone Launches S3 Smartwatch with Sim Card Capibility.

No. 1 Phones are introducing yet another smartwatch in the market with the release of No. 1 S3 smartwatch which is and upgraded version of their Sun S2 smartwatch which does not feature microSD card and sim compatibility. No. 1 S3 smartwatch is a standalone smartwatch which does not need to be connected to a smartphone to operate. You can just plug in a sim card into the smartwatch and make calls and messages to … Read more

Is Apple Watch A Good Buy? Let’s Find Out

Apple has always managed to produce high-quality phones that may at times offer a few quirks and irks for its users, but remains to be a favorite and a first choice in the mobile phone market. Aside from mobile phones, Apple is known for its line of computers and other mobile device and gadgets like its MAC books, iPad, Apple Touch devices, and the Apple Watch. This smartwatch is one of Apple’s wearable technologies available … Read more

inTroducing the inWatch Z Smart Watch

Good day folks, and welcome back to Dragonblogger.com! Today, I present you with a special little surprise. This device – again – comes from the fine folks over at Gearbest.com, but unlike my recent presentations, isn’t a phablet. It’s time to get your 007 on, because we’re diving into the wonderful new world of Smart Watches! I give you… the Android OS-based inWatch Z! Right off the bat, this tiny little monster just comes out with … Read more