Making PDF Management Easier on Your Smartphone

The smartphones have made all the information that we need available at the tip of our fingers. We use them to keep in touch with everyone important in our life, tracking the latest trends on social media, downloading files from the cloud, responding to emails, etc. With all the data that is transferred throughout the [...]

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Ford Improves Waze App Vehicle Integration

The technological advancements in vehicle manufacturing that are aimed at enhancing safety and security go a notch higher every day. Modern vehicles are coming with features such as rear-end cameras, real-time vehicle monitoring systems, forward collision warning systems, and anti-theft systems, among others. You may also have extra features installed in your vehicle to improve [...]

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Is it Difficult to Build a Mobile App?

What is the very first step to building an app? Should you begin with your own ideas? Or should you hire a team of developers the moment you decide you want to work on your own mobile project? Or should you start with the budget? All of these questions disturb everyone who has ever thought [...]

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IObit Applock Fingerprint Lock Android App Review

Often you come across situations where someone asks for your phone, be it your brother, a friend or your family. You have your personal life, and sometimes don't want to share your private secrets that are on your phone. So with that in mind, today we will be looking at Applock which will secure your [...]

FamilyTime Parental App – Great Features, Neat Interface

As the technology is getting advanced, great apps are coming up to simplify and facilitate almost everything, including parenting. A few years back, parents had to simply worry about where their children were and what they did behind their backs. Today however is a different scenario. With parental apps, parents can do a lot of [...]

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Best of Disney App Now Live on the Xbox Marketplace

With Microsoft's recent push to further bolster their partnership with ESPN on the upcoming Xbox One, it comes as no surprise that the Magic Kingdom itself would enter the spotlight. On Tuesday, Disney released the "Best of Disney" app for fans of the Mouse to enjoy their favorite Disney content on Xbox 360 consoles. Typically [...]

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Bluetooth Bulb Review: Fun and Energy Saving

Disclaimer: BlueBulb provided with a Bluetooth Bulb for evaluation purposes. Opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own. It seems just about everything is getting the Bluetooth treatment these days and the humble light bulb is no exception. The Bluetooth Bulb is an early contender stepping into the ring hoping to prove that [...]

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iPhone App Review: Field Agent is an App that Pays You?

Sounds like a joke, doesn't it? Apparently not! Field Agent is a free iPhone application that pays you to audits for companies. The idea is much like mystery shopping, except it doesn't require you to make purchases, and takes much less time to compete the job. I first heard about the app through a coupon [...]

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Control4 Home Automation App Now Available for Android

Control4, one of the leading company in affordable IP based home automation systems, today announced the Control4 MyHome application for Android based smartphones and tablets.The new application will let users to take total control over there video, music, lighting, thermostat, security, etc., right from their mobile devices. "Android's fresh features and popular marketplace have driven [...]

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Flipboard App Now Available for iPhone

Flipboard, the famous social magazine, which was created for Apple iPad, is now available for download on your iPhone. The popular iOS app was designed based on the beauty of print and simple action of flipping pages, which gives you a feel of reading a well organized magazine. Flipboard application lets you to get all [...]

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