Vodool 4 Port USB Car Charger with Quick Charge Review

Fitting just about as much charging as you can in a single car outlet port, the Vodool USB car charger delivers in every way to keep your entire family’s gadgets charging on long car trips.  I will let the video review speak for the rest. For those who don’t have time to watch the video, know that you are getting all the charge you need.  I had replaced my 2 port USB car charger with this … Read more

1byone Multi-Function Jump Starter External Battery Review

According to the AAA Research Center, in December of 2012 alone, they responded to over 128,000 dead battery calls. That’s just one month of reported calls. Imagine all of the ones who did not call AAA. They also said that when the temperature reaches zero degrees F., a battery loses 60% of its charging strength. At 32 degrees, it loses 35%. With winter approaching, this makes the likelihood of your car not starting at some … Read more

Bolse 3 Port Car Charger Review

Over my lifetime, I have purchased many chargers for my car that often times failed to work, because they were either too bulky or broke soon after getting them. All of that is now in the past as I have finally found the charger that beats all the rest. Bolse makes a great car charger that has 3 ports on it. 2 of these ports are dedicated to devices like the iPhone and one is … Read more

Aukey Quad-Port USB Car Charger

Welcome back to the Aukey Quad-Port Car Charger review and unboxing.  Once again we are back looking at a USB charger, this time out of the comfort of your home into your car, your car gets the special treatment now.  This little guy charges up to 4 USB devices at once, let’s check out the specifications. Specifications 4 USB ports at 2.4amps, totaling to 9.6Amps/48Watts Charge most USB tablets, phones, portable battery chargers, GPS’ and … Read more

Review of the Titan Taichi USB Charger

I get a few USB car chargers here and there to review for this site but it isn’t often I get one that surprises me with something new, so I decided to give a review of the Titan Taichi USB charger which was announced and shown at Computex 2013 but it isn’t available to purchase yet for the general public. This USB Charger is the only one I have seen that has 4 USB ports … Read more

Anker 18W 3.6A Car Charger Review

The Anker 18W Dual USB Port car charger I reviewed is quite compact and can charge both a tablet and a smartphone at the same time. The max amp output of any single port is 3.6amp so if you are not using both ports at the same time you can charge any device that has up to a 3.6amp draw as long as it has a 5V input. As mentioned, the Anker Dual USB Charger … Read more